cafe blogging

It is raining, pouring here! Luckily I am inside a cafe with a borrowed laptop so I can occupy myself. We’re just about to go meet Elke who is going to play with my makeup for the GenArt event tonight! I am so lucky!
This morning I had fun by myself. I went to a lovely restaurant called Balthazar’s for breakfast, a giant bowl of cappucino and a perfect soft-boiled egg while reading Women’s Wear Daily. So nice!

Because this is my vacation I am simply trying to keep my eyes and ears open, enjoy the moment and allow myself to daydream a little. It’s neat to get a peek inside the behind-the-scenes of coutorture as the public relations and party co-ordination is in full swing. I must say watching Julie has given me a much greater appreciation of the importance of PR.

Ok it’s time to get on with the itinerary! More to come soon…

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4 thoughts on “cafe blogging”

  1. Oh you are so lucky I wish I was there right now too. My boyfriend has to go to New York for work next month for an entire week, I must try and convince him to bring me 🙂


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