lunch with Andrea

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Tung of making things. We had a lovely lunch and talked of many things… our shared alma mater, the enigma of Canadian fashion, job prospects in Toronto… we took a picture too but alas the file was lost!

So far all of my experiences meeting fashion bloggers has been so positive. I really want to have a Toronto fashion blog night sometime soon… I’d love to invite la femme, geekigirl, the gang at, Christy, Carolyn, and anyone else who wants to come. I’ve never organized an event before so if anyone has any suggestions for a suitable location or any other ideas please let me know!

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6 thoughts on “lunch with Andrea”

  1. Woot! Party. I’m totally up for that. There is this little place on College street called Bird that I really want to sit in and have a drink at.

  2. Great idea, Danielle. I find that monthly members meetings at the Toronto Fashion Incubator are like my own little fashion support group, and it would be wonderful to have a fashion blogging support group! Let’s do it. I haven’t been to Bird, so I’m in.

  3. awesome! =D! looks like we’ve got a little party! Now all I have to do is pick a date (hopefully one where everyone can make it!) and send out some invites… I’ll email everyone sometime next week… stay tuned

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