reasons I rock

I’m just as Canadian as can be. I love Canada. I listen to CBC radio, our national public broadcaster. I read Margaret Atwood novels. I rock out old school to the Guess Who. I say “eh?”. I both pity and envy Americans simultaneously in that smugly self loathing way. I am a proud hoser. My most Canadian trait of all, despite my bloggerhood, is my difficulty admitting that I rock.

In New York, my American friends would accept none of that crap. I’d say “hey, can I hang out with you guys? I don’t want to get in the way, eh?…” and my friends would be all like “duh! What a stupid question!” Or they’d introduce me as “Danielle, the amazing fashion designer,” and I’d be all, “aw shucks, I’m just a recent grad… nothing special really…”

But the truth is (this is hard to write – I feel like an ass) I do rock.

Recent events have demonstrated despite my own doubts that I have mad skills. I can whip up a croquis in seconds, and design a ten-outfit collection in mere hours. I worked hard to get this good. It took a lot of practice. I expect to get better. I keep working at it.
My drawings are fast and lively, while including relevant design data so the construction of the garments I design is apparent.

I do pretty darn fine flats, too. I can whip those up freehand or be more detailed and technical in Illustrator.

I’m a fashion nerd. I didn’t get into fashion for the glamour or the fame. That stuff is interesting to observe but it’s 95% overhyped crap. I just love clothes. And I am just fascinated by everything related to them – from minute construction details to the overall structure of the global industry. I am a total information junkie… culture vulture… I love it. I’ll talk fashion with anyone who’s interested… and I’m curious about what they have to say too.

I care about detail and quality. I strive for the best in my patterns and construction. Even my patterns have to look good – in addition to matching up. This is an ability I’m working hard to improve. It’s such a vast, interesting subject, and I feel like I am just scratching the surface. I’d really like to say I’m not so good at it, but honestly by virtue of how much I care about my work and the level I aim for, I think for a young thing I’m doing pretty well.

Also, I’m a reliable person. When I say I’m going to be somewhere, or do something, expect it to be done! I am punctual (actually early), organized and very conscientious. I love to get absorbed in a task, I don’t like to waste time. I’m happiest when I am working through a problem, using my mind and my hands, improving my skills, completing a goal. I always clean up before and after I work. Getting things organized makes me feel good.

So there it is! I rock, eh? I’ve been told I’m a great employee, so it seems like I’d be a pretty good catch. So pass it on.

Before I sign off this crazy post, I just want to add a couple notes.

1. I don’t want to design for my own label. If I ever do it, it will be in a small and unconventional way. Don’t expect it anytime soon.

2. Though I rock, I’m not perfect. I am all-too-aware of my own not-so-rockin’ characteristics. It’s only through honest feedback that I’ll improve, so tell me the truth, I can handle it.

3. I rock. Did I mention I rock?

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10 thoughts on “reasons I rock”

  1. Most would probably assume that it’s every fashion graduates dream to own/run their own label.

    Your admission to not wanting this is very interesting. I can understand why you may feel that way. As we speak my studio is getting nearer to completion (gosh it’s going to be freakin awesome, the hardwood floors are being polished as I type), So why am I totally freakin out with stress? Pressure, oooh the pressure.

    If I didn’t have two wee ones to care for I would probably be more inclined to seek employment perhaps, but this way I get to fit my work around family life. But I’m not too great at being told what to do so I guess this is the corect path for me.

    I totally respect your innate sense of being Canadian and how you appreciate that rather than running off somewhere supposedly more ‘glamorous’ for the supposedly ‘prestige’ jobs.

    You have a strong sense of self which is clearly evident and you are not defined by the usual set of benchmarks people measure success by , so yes, you do rock and you’ll be a rip roaring success in whatever you do. I do hate you immensley though for your extraordinary illustration talent, it just doesn’t come that easy to moi, but I’m an ok pattern cutter though! I read pattern cutting books in bed like they were porn, I recently aquired the Hillhouse Mansfield pattern cutting book and I do literally go oooh ahhh ooh ahh as I turn the pages.

    Enough about me, this post is about you, you rock !

  2. Lol B! I totally miss you! I understand you’re busy but I never stop hoping you’ll show up on my RSS again =)

    I’m so glad… your studio sounds awesome. You’re a fiesty mama and I have no doubt that you’re doing the right thing when it comes to starting your own line. The stress – I know – there’s so many things to think about – having worked for designers I know it a little too well! But I know you’re onto something and you’ve got your niche… I’d love to have a listen on your process… do email me ( if you like, I can’t get enough about you =)

  3. You DO rock! Your portfolio (and verbal croquis) made me say “sweet jesus, I really need to work on my illustration skills.” I love reading a blog written by someone similar to me but obviously way more motivated. It’s starting to rub off on me so keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment Danielle, I’ve been a mad renovator for the last few weeks, talk about backyard blitz! I’ve spent weeks clearing a virilent weed!, but, as It’s coming to an end I have to fess up to thinking about me maybe blogging again! I may just appear in your RSS sometime soon!

  5. I just want to say “thank you!” for writing this post. There are so many lovely, talented men and women out there that don’t take the time to reckon what they are good at and what makes them rock. You’ve done a gorgeous job. Congratulations and Keep Rockin’!

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