Another 12 hour bus ride and I’m back in Toronto… my little city seems so boxy, spacious, young and blandly familiar after downtown Manhattan. It was a great trip… but it’s just as great to come back home.

The coutorture party was a hoot, and it was such a thrill to put names to faces and meet new bloggers in person. I didn’t get to talk to everyone as long as I would like but of course we can always catch up on the internet =)!

So shoutouts go to (in no particular order)… clothes-pinSara Noemiecounterfeit chicStereoettethe beauty newsletterfiftyrx3millionaire socialitei am pretty nycalmost girlverbal croquisfashiontribes… and so many more… if I forgot your link just let me know about it in the comments.

It was so neat to see how the fashion blog community is coming together in NYC it made me think it would be really cool to do something similar for Toronto fashion blogs..

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