the quest – discovering Toronto’s fashion industry

Where is the best stuff getting made?

Where are the cool workshops?

Who knows their stuff?

I’m going to be making a survey of the State of the Fashion Industry in Toronto. As a spinoff of another project (aka mission: gainful employment) I am undertaking research in order to discover a selection of companies and individuals in Toronto worth posting about.

Never mind whether they’re hiring or not: I just want to meet people in the industry around here who I can admire and be inspired by. Toronto fashion is sort of an unlikely secret. There’s some great stuff happening here but a lack of exposure. Canadians are not great at hyping themselves. It’s a problem. A lot of the time, we’ve never even heard of eachother.

In my capacity as a blogger at Final Fashion, it has been suggested that I raise the fashion profile of my school, my city and my country just by posting. At first I resisted the idea, after all it’s just me – recognize a certain national-self-deprecation syndrome? Yet it certainly is in my own best interest to encourage my local industry. Imagine how high I could raise profiles if I was actually trying? So I will! I have a quest.

If you have any questions about fashion in Toronto or suggestions of people and companies to feature, email me at and let me know. There’s not a lot of available, useful information on the Canadian fashion industry so I will attempt to tackle some broader issues as well. Perhaps if some great posts come out of it I will pitch to other online media too.

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “the quest – discovering Toronto’s fashion industry”

  1. I think that is a fabulous idea. Niche is good. You could become *the* point person for Toronto (if not Canadian) design. In the case of the latter, if you covered sourcing, I’d think that advertising on your blog could be profitable and highly appropriate (maybe I’d advertise my book!). I think adding the regional slant would further define your unique blogging niche to say nothing of the fact that industry-wise, there’s some big holes in the “market”. Toronto is a very cosmopolitan city; educate us!
    glad to have you back from NY!

  2. I agree with the previous post, you should start advertising on your blog… not only will you stay in tune with what is going on here in Toronto, but will also have an additional source of income (always a plus when you just get out of school). I think this is a GREAT idea Danielle. If you need any help, give me a call sometime.


  3. New York may have the Met’s Costume Institute and the Museum at FIT, but you’ve got the Bata Shoe Museum! Not part of the “industry” per se, but surely a fashion landmark and a credit to the city. (Also one of the best places that I ever skipped a conference session to visit — only to run into several other profs gone AWOL.)

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