the quest – more online community

Beyond the big organizations there’s a little bit of grassroots online community happening to promote Toronto fashion.

Off the top there is, which actively promotes fresh, independent talent, features local talent in its editorial shoots and has great coverage of events, parties and shopping.

I’ve also found the Toronto Fashion Industry Meetup Group on… hopefully they accept my membership application!

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4 thoughts on “the quest – more online community”

  1. i feel like torontostreetfashion has an interesting idea, but really the design is ugly and they need to edit their writers better. it’s something that has the potential to grow but i’m not really a fan at this point.

  2. Considering that it’s a volunteer effort at this point I think they are doing pretty well. I agree that there could be greater attention to detail, navigation and editing, and though I was very grateful to be featured in a piece I thought it was unfortunate that the links were not functional. Some of us are design/grammar/functionality nerds and others just love fashion, I guess… just another example of where online fashion needs to get geekier.

  3. Toronto Street Fashion is amazing. They list every fashion event happening in Toronto, they cover indie designers, parties and shows that people would never hear about otherwise, and they’re doing more than anyone else right now to raise the profile of fashion in toronto.

    And if you’re commenting on editing, it might help to capitalize your “i”s.

  4. Hi Irene! There’s no disputing the content is spot on – tsf has a great concept and its mission is clear and strong. Considering the enthusiasm behind the message I think these small details may be besides the point… perhaps.

    However, Girl’s feedback may be useful, capitalized or not. None of our sites are perfect, by their very nature they are works in progress. It’s important to consider our audience’s perceptions, even when they are not positive.

    It all depends on what tsf wants to be. I’m really curious to see how it will develop… and I want to support it, too – I think it has a lot of potential and needs to be nurtured.

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