This is my boyfriend Ray. This is our four year anniversary today! So I thought it was time I introduced him.

Ray: I am not very fashionable, but I appreciate people who are.

Danielle: Everyone’s probably really curious about you. Why don’t you describe what you do, what you’re into?

Ray: I do special effects for the film industry. Physical, in-camera effects in particular. I like robots, machining and industrial music. Danielle’s blog rocks. I don’t read it, though.

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13 thoughts on “anniversary”

  1. Congrats on your four year! It was darryl’s and my fourth year a few months ago, it’s so special because it’s pretty permanent feeling by now.

    Cute pic of the both of you. Congrats.

  2. Hello Danielle,

    How would I get in contact with you to showcase your designs in a very large up and coming fashion show for July 20th, 2006.
    Please contact me so I can send you more information.


  3. Haha (“I don’t read it though”)- bless boys. Great pic- CONGRATS on the anniversary! Crikey, 4 years ago I was starting high school. That’s true love!

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