I picked up my degree this morning, and had a nice surprise – I was one of the few to graduate with honours. I never would have guessed – I did well, but I never really paid attention to my grades.

I also stopped by the library for a little reading – on Kathleen‘s suggestion I am beginning Paco Underhill’s Why We Buy… it looks pretty darn fascinating.

Via the English Cut, another great little bespoke tailoring blog – Martin Stall. Check out his shears, they’re incredible – custom made by a blacksmith! Aren’t tailors just adorable? I love how they seem to be embracing the blogging phenomenon more readily than fashion designers. Kind of interesting how new media gives an old niche a new life.

Speaking of new media, fashion design is adapting in some surprising ways – check out this video. I must admit I’m staying well away from Second Life because I know what’s good for me. I’m not a big fan of video games but this one is obviously digital crack – a world where you can design and wear whatever you like, plus you can fly? Don’t tempt me this way, internet.

I got an invite to participate in Toronto Alternative Fashion Week. I’m thinking of putting forward a proposal, time allowing, to present an installation that explores the idea of apparel manufacturing, kind of contrasting the rest of the material which is usually “art” or student projects. The FAT seems like a great vehicle for hype but it lacks a commercial purpose, which interests me especially as I am focusing on the marketing efforts concerning manufacturers these days which have the opposite problem, as commercial enterprises with an utter lack of hype. Plus, I could cover the event from the perspective of a participating designer. Hm… interesting subject or waste of time? What do you think?

Plus some new blogs to look at…

Everything you didn’t need to know about fashion straight from the mouth of a working stylist.

The Sewing Divas, discovered thanks to their recently hosting the Carnivale, are another great read, with lots of practical sewing tips, too.

New Yorkette is a happy discovery via Kathleen again. She’s a fit model and New Yorker cartoonist, and she writes an excellent blog about her life in the city.

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  1. Congrats on your “with honours”. Jenn was lucky enough to get a “with honours” too. Infact, I think there were only around 15 people who got it! So that makes it even better.

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