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It was a worn-out Sunday after a long day yesterday helping at Fashion Cares. It says that a vidcast will be up on the site soon, I totally recommend checking it out.

I had a terrific time. I was helping dress the wine runners in sparkly shorts. Nice job eh?

Look at them! It was a lot of fun. The best part was that our job was over before the show started, so we got to see it! That’s what I call a show! Acrobats, dancers, tons of fabulous dresses, gorgeous models, live music, lights, ticker tape… it was all there. The best fashion shows are over the top, and Fashion Cares was well over the top of over the top. So satisfying to see a big show put on properly!

Shoutouts to my fellow volunteers Gail and Lindsay if you’re reading this!

I walked right past Dean and Dan Caten! They were so tiny and cute, awww. It was a huge event, hundreds of volunteers and lots to see. Backstage was awesome, seeing everyone in costume, and watching the make-up artists do their thing (M.A.C. sponsors the show) was amazing. Plus there was a chocolate fountain, yum. It wasn’t just a fashion show, it was like a festival.

Here’s me and fellow volunteer (and awesome Toronto fashion blogger) Carolyn on the cab ride home. What a great day. I hope I can help out next year too!

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5 thoughts on “fashion cares”

  1. Nice! Every experience I have had as a volunteer has been pretty boring…. But if I get to dress guys in little tight shorts, maybe I will volunteer too!

  2. Yeah, we lucked out as far as jobs go! I understand that positions are hotly contested because it’s such a fun night so make sure to apply early…

    Yeah, those are Bay B’s Christy, they guys were working the Bay-sponsored dining room, serving wine… (and they brought a little back for us too, shh!)

  3. Nothing better than a guy in tight shorts serving you wine… sound more like a romance novel rather than a volunteer position!

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