linking Canadian fashion

Here’s a couple links I’ve stumbled across in the course of my quest so far which I like:

Canada’s premier crafting blog is thimble. Discovered via my lovely commenters, and I’m so pleased! Though crafting isn’t really my thing, I have become quite absorbed. Laural really writes a great blog!

Another little internet gem is Thomas Brent – Canadian Fashion Designer. Maybe it’s the beautifully diy HTML old school web design, or perhaps it’s this slightly hideous version of the Canadian Tuxedo, it’s so unpretentiously Canadian like nothing I’ve seen yet. It’s actually Thomas Brent’s Story, and his Canadian Flap Jacket that really puts it over the top for me.

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6 thoughts on “linking Canadian fashion”

  1. I have been reading Thimble from the launch of her blog and she is a terrific writer. She also writes for on occasion.
    The Thomas Brent website site says it all, I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it before 🙂 That just made my day!

  2. Well with Thomas Brent fab work on the scene, I don’t know where my Fashion Design degree is going to take me… maybe I should start up in basketweaving or something…

  3. Come on guys! Thomas Brent is cool, and I mean that honestly, not ironically. Especially because he is actually proud to be a Canadian Fashion Designer. You read his story. I found it inspiring. Sure the designs are… well, not tasteful, but you can’t knock the guy’s attitude.

    Plus I kinda want the flap jacket…

  4. Interesting comments LOL !! I rarely do a search on my label but did today and up popped your blog comments re my work LOL.

    Danielle u amuse me with the comment on the dry old html comment but of course I could spend my time doing flash and all that but as I am actually making the clothing in Canada I do attend to the web site as my time allows. Many have gotten a kick out of my little story smirk!

    The Tuxedo LOL good name for a lace jean LOL! Baby you should look so hot in a jean LOLOL Opps did I say that !!

    Jill LOL perhaps you should go into basket weavng or somethinggggggg LOL as trying to make a buck in Canada actually manufacturing clothing is a rather daunting task to say the least ;)!!

    Christy welllllll thank you that is sweet and I will leave the not tasteful comment for now LOL. Actually those Kimonos do amasing well when I have time to make them but also I am swamped with orders for the well u guessed it
    The Canadian Flap Jacket LOLOL !!!

    Since the comments are from 2006 I will give u a quick up date. I have relocated to Alberta and am spending my time on the rodeo circuit where the jacket has exploded in sales.
    So much so that I have had to dedicated all my time to making this jacket.

    It has sold to entire families from age 2 to 82 including toddlers tweens teens mom and dad and grandpa and grandma one family just ordered 22 !!

    The jacket is now coast to coast to coast !! So how are you girls spending your time smirk !!

    Keeping the web site flashy and all up to date is a challenge and you should see more product on it by summer !!

    Anyways YES Christy I am proud to be a Canadian Fashion Designer and btw what u see on the web site is a very very small amount of the work done!!

    Some one has to actually work LOLOL

    as they say spokes person for the designer OH yeah that is Me LOLOL


    Thomas Brent 😉

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