look, fashion bloggers!

Our supercool local online fashion zine torontostreetfashion.com has posted pictures of Toronto Fashion Blog night! Thanks girls =)

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6 thoughts on “look, fashion bloggers!”

  1. aww. those pictures turned out awesome! (I admit I was a bit worried, I’m not super photogenic) – can’t wait until the blogging brunch!

  2. you guys are having a lot of fun, nice pics.

    Being an ardent reader of your blog, all i got to say is that if you are a fashion nerd, then arrite your definition wins over mine, but if u go by my definitions you cannot fall in the fashion nerds category….fashion nerd in itself is a paradoxical term, how can a person so involved with all aspects of fashion be a ‘nerd’?I was not using it for a fashion geek, the term ‘nerd’ can be used to define ‘an intellectual enthusiast’or a ‘dunce’,our definitions clash because the difference of the root meaning of the word ‘nerd’ in them….

  3. Boo fucking urns. I’m still burned about missing this thing, especially when the pics came out. I knew I should have left my cell number with someone.

    Ah, well. Next time.

  4. Aw, yeah geekigirl, I was thinking I should have done the same. Well, I learned a few valuable lessons in event planning that night!

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