pattern cutting scissors

Every time I get a new project, I take my little cheque and buy a tool. Last time, it was a work light for my table. This time, I am finally buying myself a proper pair of pattern cutting scissors.

To inform my decision, I referred to Kathleen’s pattern scissors review. I love it when the research is already done by someone who would know… I’ve been deferring this purchase for a long time just because I wasn’t sure which kind to get, and also because I’m really good at putting off spending money.

To me, great tools and machines are the ultimate fashion must-haves. Here’s the next few items on my wishlist…

1. a light table for illustration

2. an industrial serger

3. an industrial coverseamer

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6 thoughts on “pattern cutting scissors”

  1. I’m looking for a new pair of pattern scissors too! I’m also looking for a good pair of cutting scissors for fabric, do you have any that you would recommend? Right now I have a pair of Softouch Fiskars but I don’t really like them, you constantly have to replace the spring. Someone recommended them to me but I can’t stand them.
    If you are looking for an industrial serger I saw one on craigslist a little while ago, they constantly pop up on that site or on and sometimes on the website
    I would love to get a light table too 🙂

  2. I just realized pattern scissors, for paper – not fabric. I’m not too fast.
    Perhaps another faux-pas, but I’ve been using a self-sharpening scissor for the last 10 years! I bought them at Grand & Toy. I was at a loss, couldn’t get to Montreal or Toronto, and they’ve worked well for me. They cut everything! And, they aren’t heavy.

  3. I’m old-school. Nothing but the heavy-duty manual shears for me. All this stuff with springs and electric motors is just not pure enough, ha. I do have a smaller, lighter pair of fabric scissors with plastic handles by J.A. Henckels of Germany that have treated me very well. I also have a Brazilian-made pair of shears that are decent but kind of sticky.

  4. I’m in the market -have been for a long time- for a serger too. I’ve been putting it off for two reasons, research and logistics. Maybe you’ll end up shortening my learning curve 🙂

  5. Danielle : i just bought a kai scissor today, and i feel the same ways about kai scissor too. im goin to return it tomorrow. i have small hand. i think kai wasn’t suitable for me.

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