the quest… ramping up

It was so nice to hear such a positive response from my first official “journalistic” post for the quest series. It was a great experience and really got me thinking about business, entrepreneurship, writing, fashion in Toronto and networking in a bunch of new ways. Much thanks to my subjects and of course to coutorture for helping me spread the word!

Plus I want to give a giant thank you to everyone else who’s giving me tons of great tips to check out regarding Canadian fashion links and labels. If you’ve got a tip related to Canadian fashion that deserves checking out, do let me know, I love that! I’m interested in even the most peripherally related issues, plus I’m especially into these things:

Extremely talented craftspeople, innovative business ideas, fashion or apparel that represents a Canadian identity. Companies that demonstrate professionalism and humanity. The best workshops. The greatest quality. The best characters. I want to put a face to “Made in Canada”.

I’m also extremely into meeting and interviewing people who have been in the local industry for a very long period of time.

Where will I go next in my quest to define and understand my local industry? It’s coming up… let’s just say it’s something completely different…

I feel like I’m beginning to get some momentum here.

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2 thoughts on “the quest… ramping up”

  1. I’m interested to see where you go from here, I’m hooked! I absolutely love hearing about Canadian success stories in the Fashion, Art, and Craft world. I am also interested in what companies are keeping their production in Canada and what people are doing to help impoverished countries while working in the fashion industry. I have many ideas brewing on how we can all be contributing more to third world countries…but more on this later…maybe I should start my own blog 🙂
    Keep up the good work Danielle!

  2. Damn right you should start your own blog Jill! I always look forward to your comments and I’d love to learn more about you.

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