Toronto Fashion Blog night – recap

Around nine, I showed up at Bird and saw Carolyn outside. Guess what? Bird was closed! Argh! Total event planning failure before the night even began!

Lucky for me Carolyn is one of those wonderful people who always knows what to do. We walked a few steps down the street to a little patio (called Ciao something?), and I put a little sign in the door of Bird, hoping that my fashion bloggers would be able to follow the clues.

Thankfully, Rachel from found us with no trouble and we sat down to cockails to chat business, until we were joined by Rachel’s crew Irene and Sonja, who were already primed for a good time from covering another party!

Bird opened at ten and I went back to check if anyone was there looking for us and I found one of my favourite readers, Tammy of endangered couture! So all was not lost, although we missed Anita from I want – I got. I’m so sorry Anita, I wanted to meet you so much.

After some confusion we decided to move the party on to Gypsy on Queen street. We got to sit and chat, enjoyed a few drinks and some dancing – Irene definitely wins the prize for best dancer! Those TSF girls sure know how to party.

We had a great time despite the glitches, and of course we need to have another get-together sometime because there’s still so many bloggers to meet. I think maybe next time we should do a brunch thing, with all the craziness I never got to have as much discussion as I would have liked. It’s such a pleasure to meet people face to face. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night, and to everyone we missed, I can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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5 thoughts on “Toronto Fashion Blog night – recap”

  1. Brunch sounds good – there’s sooo much to talk about and with a bunch of chatty girls, we definitely need a more quiet spot….!! We had a great time hanging out with you and Carolyn (love her!) AND we’d love to meet the rest of the crew…R

  2. Thanks Dan, last night was great! Drinks, people, a party to go to and good music – what else does a girl need? Although I think Carolyn might deserve the dance queen title more than I do!!

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