Toronto Fashion Blog night

Are you a Toronto fashion blogger, or are you a reader who would like to meet some fashion bloggers? I’m organizing a little get-together for us Toronto fashion blog types. Here’s the deets:

Bird – 503 College Street (second level), Toronto, ON

Thursday June 15, around 9pm

RSVP please! My email is

It’s not a big fancy party, just a few intelligent, fashionable people in a tiny bar, drinks and chats, so don’t be too shy to drop by and meet your local fashion bloggers! i want – i got, Carolyn Rohaly,, new – old – fashion, and yours truly will be there. Perhaps even a wee bit skint! Make sure to RSVP and I’ll put your link here too!

I was greatly impressed by the offline community demonstrated by the New York fashion bloggers when I was there, so this is just my first little effort to bring together our little community in Toronto. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and of course I’m hopeful that this might be the beginning of something really neat.

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8 thoughts on “Toronto Fashion Blog night”

  1. You know, I was thinking today, Danielle, you should start a Fashion Bloggers Union. I am not sure what exactly that would mean… fashion charity nights (as if there aren’t a ton), Toronto fashion awareness nights, or something along the lines of the incubator but for Fashion Bloggers/Lovers… I dunno just a thought. I know how organized you are (ie 3rd men’s line organized), so who knows maybe there is an amazing career in it to bring alive a segment of the Toronto fashion industry that seems somewhat null and void at the moment! Can you do it??

  2. danielle,

    i have a standing engagement that may get poxed. can you put me down for a ‘perhaps’ rsvp? i’d love to come meet you and all the rest… you’re so very willing to extend yourself to the masses. it’s refreshing!

  3. Naw, Christy, too much work! I just do the blog thing for fun, that’s what makes it worth it. I just want to hang out with smart fashion people, and use the blogs to help network and connect people. Trust me I don’t want my blog to take over my life… leave professional blogging to the pros. I do it because I like it.

    Event planning is not my thing… trust me getting 5 people together in one place is just about as much effort as I need to make… you of all people know I’m no social butterfly.

    It’s just gonna be chilled out and fun.

  4. Sorry I wont be able to make it (traveling) but it sounds like a great idea. Keep me posted on the next one though. Im new to the blogger community. I currently live in toronto but only for a couple more months, so keep me updated!

  5. Bianca is in Toronto, I thought so but wasn’t sure.
    Make sure to see some links coming from tomorrow girls.

    This should be a fun night, it’s already shaping up to be a busy one.

  6. Well just a thought. You never know where life leads us. I am not sure if I will be able to stay long on thursday unfortunately, because I have a ton of work due the next day!

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