Every once in a while I realize that I’ve changed. Then I look at my website and I realize that my online prescence needs to catch up.

I’ve been doodling behind the scenes trying to come up with a new concept for my header and the about me page. As it is the site is a clean slate – for most of the summer I’ve been hesitant to assert who I am and where I’m going and the minimal page reflected that.

Now I’m feeling that it is time for to be more obvious about who I am and what I do. The about me page in particular is always kind of an awkward page to write – what are the most critical bits of my bio and how much is TMI? I want it to be the opposite of anything cover-letter/resumeish.

I want it to be apparent from the page that I am talent-for-hire and somehow describe all of the various things I do or that I can do. I just put up my business card graphic and a brief description, though for the time being it’s a little bit bandaid. There’s so much to include it’s hard to select imagery, especially since overloaded collages aren’t really my thing.

Then I was googling away the other day and I realized that I have not been too pro-active on the search-engine optimization front, either. So it’s time to get more focused.

This weekend I’m going up to the country. I’m taking An Unfashionable Life and Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities with me so I’m planning on really enjoying my time off. I’ll also do some sketching of ideas for… I guess major template changes will have to wait for now.

Have a terrific weekend =)

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3 thoughts on “changes”

  1. I’m sure upon your restful weekend, you’ll have better vision on how you’ll present yourself. It is a slow process. Your writing is well thought and smart. I really enjoy your site. I’m looking forward to more “eye candy” and to see what comes of your changes.
    Love the illustration, bring on more!

  2. i’m kicking myself for being on blog-reading-hiatus lately… you’ve posted so much stuff. I’m loving that coat, btw. Also, your site is so clean and crisp looking the way it is right now, but I would love for it to have the organic feel of your illustrations… which are just lovely.

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