circumvent retail. bypass dollars and cents.

I’m not the only one trying refashion this industry. Check out flavour comes first. This blog is love at first site for me – this Australian designer is articulate and full of ideas.

Wacked out ideas are the very best at this stage in the game. They’re my greatest hope. Like this one I had, responding to comments regarding the limitations put on designers and contractors because of “dollars and cents”.

So does anyone else have any crazy ideas? Let’s live audaciously. How would you change the rules of the game?

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One thought on “circumvent retail. bypass dollars and cents.”

  1. wow, they are articulate over at extra tasty. thanks for the heads up.

    What rules of the game would I change?
    Such a simple question that I don’t have a ready answer for. I’ll have to think about it. Sounds like a good topic for a blog post.

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