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Who else is feeling change in the air? Miss Twiss noticed the odd coincidence that many bloggers have been posting about that “now for something completely different” sort of feeling.

Tricia from Bits & Bobbins has moved from livejournal to wordpress, now we can comment! And she has an adorable new hair-do, too. Tricia is a fellow recent graduate making that transition to “the fashion industry”.
Other stuff…

The Vivienne Westwood biography An Unfashionable Life was a hoot. Westwood is a designer’s designer… an incompetent businesswoman, a self-taught sewist, an uncompromising, difficult woman. Westwood’s great contribution to fashion (and it is great) is as a relentless innovator who pushed barriers aside. She went against the prevailing trend every season. She was determined to do her life’s work even in the most adverse conditions.

Verdict? I love the clothes. I would hate to be her employee, but I would be honoured to interview her.

As for punk, I love the look, hate the music. Full credit to Westwood and McLaren for pioneering the concept of the guerilla store. In that early stage, instead of creating seasonally, Vivienne would customize and create in an ongoing fashion for as long as that particular storefront was in business, usually 2-3 years. They truly made their stores into events and destinations, the descriptions of the interiors are fascinating.

I’m also enjoying The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs. It seems that city development has not significantly improved since the 1960s. Now I am constantly examining street life for its inherent quality, instead of just scanning what people are wearing. I like it when a book will offer a new way to look at the world.

Thanks all for the excellent comments on long-wearing style on my last post… giving me ideas… are you thinking what I’m thinking? There’s so much synchronicity out there I wonder…

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2 thoughts on “click synchronicity”

  1. There’s a Vivi biography? Now that’s something I’ve gotta read. Change must definitely be in the air, because I want to get dreadlocks! Purely for the low-mainenance merits of them. It’s not like I’m that brave…

  2. Dreadlocks? ewww….

    I’d say do it just to try it out, and then cut them off. I think you would look sooo adorable with a pixie cut Isabel!


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