It’s been ages since I’ve last drawn for fun. I am going through a period where I do draw a lot; but always for work, and often just lots of flats.

I’m always going on about how I wish I was more versatile as an illustrator, and would like to expand my narrow range. I can be very “finished” when I draw, so I’m also trying to think less and draw spontaneously. But even when I’m just doodling, it’s still always figures and clothes. I’m pretty one-note.


I want to do a bunch of fashion drawing sessions, possibly with other people who need the practice. I need pretty girls and guys to draw. If I’m ever going to take my illustration to the next level I need to observe real life.

I also want to learn how to draw other things: proper perspective, buildings and rooms. Now that I have access to a camera I should be taking more pictures of things to use as reference. Hands and feet in certain angles and positions. Non-human things, like motorcycles and dogs and stuff.

It’s all very well and good to talk about it though, so I’m going to try to show some artistic development here on the blog. If I force myself to show something interesting visually more often perhaps we shall see some actual improvement. Say at least once every four posts.

So all of you will be able to witness how someone can go about learning to draw, too. My style has improved vastly over the past few years and continues to develop. It’s odd because evolving style is only partly intentional, it’s mostly instinctive and indescribable and hard to control. This is why I want to develop greater versatility.

Lately I’m getting busier so posts well be less frequent. But wait for it… I’m on the verge of cracking the Canadian fashion nut… !

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4 thoughts on “doodles”

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel great about how much my illustrations have turned around. BUT, other times I feel sorta stiffled by my inexperience in real illustration. Over the last few months, I have been doing a LOT of freelance illustration, and I finally landed a job doing something besides fashion. It should be really interesting how I go about this whole project. I also have dived right back into fine art, and have started a series that I hope to exhibit somewhere maybe even sell (if I can get up the nerve).

    Sometimes, I really want to get a group together and finally commit to renting studio space. I think being surrounded by other artists would really be a great learning experience. Now I just have to be able to set aside the money every month. 😉

  2. I would definitely be interested in sharing a space with a group of people that would be really inspiring. Right now I’m trying to do the opposite of what you are doing Danielle. I’m trying to get back into technical illustration rather than my freer style of drawing for when I return to school. Somehow I hope to balance both while I’m in school and not get stuck in one style of drawing/painting.

  3. It might help you out to take a few life drawing classes or fine arts classes. I took fine arts in University and for me it was frustrating at times because I have a tendency to draw technically and they hated that, they will teach you to start drawing the figure from the inside out rather than to outline the body first. It’s basically the total opposite of fashion figure drawing. It can be really difficult if you are used to drawing in a technical way but may help you to loosen up.
    By the way I do really love this sketch you just did.

  4. I agree a life drawing class would be really great to help you loosen up a bit. I would love to take another life drawing class, even though I think I would have a pretty tough time cause it’s been so long since we had life drawing!

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