It is just stupidly hot in Toronto. It is 35 Celsius (95 F) and huuummmid. Yuck. I have gotten busier too and so often find myself trekking across hot pavement. Dressing in the loosest cotton thingies I can find. My brain feels like it has evaporated.

What am I busy doing? Lots of odd stuff… all apparel industry related. Its nice to finally get a little momentum going although these are still early days.

I found another article on Canadian Project Runway. Paul Hardy, (a Canadian Designer) points out that “we are a passive nation and very non-confrontational”, at odds with the, well, confrontational aspect of reality television. Hardy also points out that our industry is small and suggests that we “have a hard enough time trying to find designers that qualify for Fashion Week”. That dour Canadianism – what’s not to love?

Also, I got totally engrossed in this blog on Self Publishing for some reason. I don’t even have anything to publish. I should work on that. Fashion comic book maybe?

Look – verbal croquis has finished her Gen Art dress and it is incredible!

Yesterday I was talking about drawing shoes… well take a look inside footwear design and development. It gives me the idea of drawing fashion in a more architectural, industrial way. Lucky for me my studio-mate has a mechanical drawing table! I bet you can’t wait to see all of the perspective studies I’m going to do.


Have you seen the show yet? Finally, a video blog that is actually fun to watch. I love how Ze’s created a little mini-subculture somehow. Duckies!

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One thought on “everclick”

  1. I am going to disagree with Paul Hardy here. I think that there would be no shortage of hopefuls to take part in this new proposed series. And what is wrong with being so “non” confrontational ? I think it is one reason why Canadians are endeared around the world. Maybe he thinks the design scene in Calgary is lacking ?
    Again, I am going to put in a vote for Susan Langdon as a judge if this show ever gets off the ground. I cannot think of anyone more qualified for this role.

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