learning to cut freehand… and inserting a nice zipper.

I can’t sleep.

I just returned from spending Canada Day in Stratford, Ontario. Hope everyone is having a terrific holiday weekend, I got a taste of it…

Fireworks, blueberry pie, roses, swans and gardens, the model T’s, the parade with the horses and the band and the whole bit. I quite live an idyllic life these past couple of weekends, eh?

The city reeks, and it is hot and mizzy, even at night. Ick.

So I’m going to cut a dress freehand, inspired by Julian, and insert a centered zipper, guided by Kathleen. I am so thankful to have discovered these remarkable people. The work they do inspires and empowers.


My material – a free sarong from some cruise ship.

The cut:


Originally I chalked something on there but once I got cutting I refined as I went. The round thing will be a pocket. There’s a centered zipper on one side. Facings on the armholes. I’m going to do a bias binding on the neckline.

Tomorrow night… sewing.

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4 thoughts on “learning to cut freehand… and inserting a nice zipper.”

  1. I can’t wait to see this sewn up!

    I’m looking at it with the little knowledge I have from studying the notes from julian and Sophies pattern cutting school and I’m still like EH?

    I’ve got a vague idea how this may look once constructed, so can’t wait to see if I’m right!

    I may just have to have a go at this method myself, looks quite liberating and fun! It certainly does challenge our notions of what a pattern should look like. Great stuff!

  2. This looks great Danielle, I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m interested in trying this out too, now that I’m all moved into my new place I might give it a go. Once I get my sewing room set up that is 🙂

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