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You may have noticed that I’ve edited my links list a little. If you’re concerned that your link is gone I want to assure you that it’s not a personal matter. I’ve decided that I don’t want to link labels and designers’ websites (unless they publish an outstanding blog). If you do something interesting just let me know and if it’s strikes my fancy I’ll post it and link your site.

The idea is that the links on my sidebar also reflect the content that I myself check regularly. So static websites without regularly updated content, or more obvious commercial endeavors don’t fit with my vision for the blog. I’m not interested in commercializing the blog except in regards to my own services. Even then, I want it to be indirect.

Also, if you’ve stopped updating your blog in a while or only post sporadically I’ve edited those links too. I am still subscribed to your feed so if you do start blogging regularly again, I will relink.

I think a tightly edited links list that reflects my current reading tastes as a service to my readers. I read many, many more blogs than are listed here, but I find in my own browsing habits I appreciate a tightly edited, updated list to an exhaustive, unedited list. If you want to see a more complete (but not totally complete) list of my reads, check out my Bloglines feeds.

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