my first freehand dress

Here’s how it turned out…

The zipper went in like a dream. I inserted piping in the side seams to highlight the meandering of the freehand cut. Originally it was very short in the front so I added a bit of the back to the front to make it a little more wearable. Overall it was a fun and gave me some ideas for how I might tackle the next freehand cut someday when I have time. Next time I’ll be a little more adventurous with the design, but also a little more focused on how I could use the freehand contours to make a more interesting effect.



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9 thoughts on “my first freehand dress”

  1. You did a great job Danielle! That dress looks great, I want one of those! It’s inspiring me to give it a go….although mine probably won’t turn out as great as that on my first try 🙂

  2. Very cute, looks great with those boots and the colour works nice with that style. I’m actually going to be making up a pattern tomorrow… and even though its only going to be a t-shirt I’m getting my Ryerson friends to help!

  3. Thanks all… it’s just a simple little thing – I even just serged the ends instead of finishing them proper =P

    Jill – oh, it ain’t that great – but I think that the freehand cutting gives you permission to let loose a bit so just cut, cut away without fear!

    Tammy – good luck on your pattern! If you need any help just let me know.

    Irene – actually I did trace a pattern for the neckline/sleeve area. The rest is improvised.

    Thanks for visiting Alison! It seems like you’ve made your own blog without hurting yourself – good luck! I think you might be the youngest fashion blogger I’ve met yet, awesome.

  4. i love love love love LOVE that little pocket! i am doing a little round pocket on something i’m whipping up… i’m hoping to have pics up in a few days, and i of course want your critique.

  5. Oh, I love this design so much! I love the shape of the dress (and the bright pink!), the round pocket and the way it looks with those amazing boots.

  6. Wicked mod, Danielle! I especially love how you used recycled material. The free sarong should be thanking you right now.

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