Project Runway… in Canada?

Apparently, a deal has been struck.

It’ll be interesting to see who will try out for it. Will it be a watered down copy of an American show a la CNTM, or will some sort of quirky Canadian sensibility be apparent as with Canadian Idol? I’m guessing watered down copy.

Who will the judges be? Jeanne Beker I bet, but who else? I’m hoping for Sook-Yin Lee.

What about the prizes? A spot at Toronto Fashion Week, probably. A mentorship at the Bay?

Would you try out to be a contestant? Why or why not?

Would I? Hell no.

To me the whole “reality TV personality” vibe seems like a liability, not an asset. What do you think?

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23 thoughts on “Project Runway… in Canada?”

  1. Interesting… I thought about trying out for this season’s Project Runway but then realized I have no interest at all to be on TV and really, it scares me. When I saw the people they picked for this season I was glad I didn’t try out because they are mostly in their late 20s and up and have much much more experience than me! The whole show just seems like a faster-paced version of design school to me.

  2. I wouldn’t do it, no way! There would be no way I would be on TV for that amount of time, and it probably wouldn’t lead to any kind of stable career in the long run. Like most reality TV it sucks you up and spits you out, and before you know it no one even knows who you are anymore.

  3. I think Susan Langdon would make a great judge. She would seem to be the very qualified from a practical standpoint.
    I am not sure you would be doing the winner a favour by awarding a mentorship at the Bay though. Your intentions should be an advancement professionally, not to be plunked into the middle of some cheesy Olympic merchandise program that could set back one’s career advancement.

  4. Yeah, you’re right Big Irv, Susan would be a great judge. And a spot at TFI would be a spot-on award, too.

    I’ve heard rumours that contestants receive $10,000 per episode in the States… I wonder if that goes up here in Canada too? When you think of it that way, it might be worth the 10 minutes of “fame”. What do you think Irene?

  5. Well, you can always borrow money from the bank… but you can never buy a new ‘image’, so to speak. I’d have to have a lot of control over how things were presented.
    I know I wouldn’t have any expectations about getting a real job out of it, but it would certianly make ones life interesting, for a while anyways……

  6. I was casually discussing US reality shows vs. Canadian reality shows with a few friends. The general consensus was that the CDN versions of Idol, Top Model were so superior in every way to the American renditions, so why couldn’t a CDN Runway show be better?
    One friend of mine, a 20 year CDN TV industry insider with a network that competes with CTV, says the talent on CDN Idol was 500% better than US Idol and this has garnered some serious interest south of the border.
    Perhaps a CDN Runway show will accurately portray the industry, instead of infuriating viewers like the US version did with some of the “bozos” they cast.

  7. I agree with a previous commentor when they said this sounded like a faster paced design school to them. I think it could be fun, and could actually be a great experience, but you know the media is, they blow everything out of proportion, and that could be a terrible thing to one’s ego and reputation as well.

    I guess I am still up in the air about it. I know when my mother hears about it, she is going to start pushing me to “try out”

  8. I gotta admit… I might be curious enough to audition if I had the time. Curiousity kills.

    I think it would seem a more attractive option if they focused on the challenges instead of the “drama”. Certain PR alumni (Chloe Dao, Kara Saun, Daniel V.) demonstrated a level of professionalism and personality that may help them in the long run. Others, like Austin and Jay, will never shake off their television personas long enough to be considered real fashion professionals.

    Of course on the other hand, legit designers like Mizrahi and Boateng angle to leverage their media image in their favour. I don’t think PR has done Michael Kors any favours, though.

    It’s a tough call.

  9. hi … how could i inter the program im not canadian im in a visit here but im a great designer?????

  10. Hi heba, we don’t know yet. All we know is that there is preliminary signs that show is coming here. When we find out more details, I’ll post them =)

  11. I think that Project Runway coming to Canada is fab. The Canadian fashion industry needs a new kick start. People in this country do not take young designers seriously. Very few people actually achieve recogition. I have been in the business for over 18 years and I am finally getting the recognition that I would like. Bravo! Get ready Canada because here we come!

  12. I actually want to audition for it, i know that all you say about reality TV can make normal ppl look crazy is all true but it might also be a chance for a bit of exposure and i think tons of fun. Having said that, do anyone know when auditions will be starting? I just read an article saying they hope to start filming in april, so im wondering how far ahead of then will the auditions take place, if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated, thanks.

  13. I am very much interested in auditing for the Canadian version of Project Runway! Does anyone know when and where the audition would be? please let me know. THank you

  14. What about a host?? I pick Toronto’s own TRISH STRATUS – she’s just as beautiful as Heidi Klum, and is WAY more charasmatic-at least she speaks english!! What do you guys think?

  15. What about a new host for next season??? There must be someone in Canada who is young and beautiful and charasmatic and speaks proper English. No way is Iman representing Canada in a good light. Come on Project Runway Canada lets show what we have.

  16. I liked Iman. Though she was sometimes robotic (beautifully so) she warmed up over the course of the season and was an opinionated and fiesty judge.

  17. I’d love the opportunity to be on Project Runway Canada. Quite frankly I need the money,but the thought of being cast off early scares the living sh*it out of me. Image being the first to be cast off. I think it’d be horrible exposure. And to that the media has a way of taking shots of certain people and overexagerating for ratings. I think they kind of pick who’ll be the “bitch” and show clips of the persons worst moments. Im not sure if i could handle being portrayed like that and having everyone i know watch that.
    & It seems like the Canadian version picks its contestants on their personalities.
    but like i said, i need the money 🙂

  18. Does anyone know if they put make up on the contestants before their mini interview clips? Im allergic to make up and my face just blows up like crazy.

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