retiring the about me Q&A

But I still want to keep it and all the lovely comments with it for posterity. So I’m posting it on the blog. Questions are always welcome. Feel free to email me anytime. If it’s a really good question I will want to post about it!

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, why not ask me a question?
I’ll be posting Q&As here periodically so if you’re curious about something feel free to ask in the comments.

In past posts you’ve mentioned how in the transition from high school to university you were on the fence about fashion or english (or whatever). What made you choose the fashion route? Were you the type that grew up sewing and designing? Where/how did you learn to sew? – Emily

I learned how to sew as a kid on my mother’s treadle Singer. I started out making stuffed toys, and then cloth dolls and doll clothes. I was always into costume history and fantasy costumes as a kid. I also loved to write science fiction and fantasy stories

When I was a teenager I lost interest in sewing for a while. I wanted to become a writer and even submitted a few short stories (one got accepted by a magazine which promptly folded before my issue was published). I loved my high school English teachers and of course they encouraged me to take that route to study. But academics just didn’t fill me with desire. So I took a year off to work and hang out. Since I had the time, I started to muddle around on the sewing machine again. That’s kind of how I got inspired to take a shot at Ryerson for fashion design (although truthfully my main motive was to escape my small town life), and I got accepted.

I know from previous posts that you grew up far from any urban, fashion-y places but what were/are your fashion inspirations? Was your mom into fashion? Did you read the glossies? I guess what I’d like to know is how did you become interested in fashion and what propelled you into this area? – Emily

My mom was not into fashion at all. We grew up in second-hand farm clothes. The only glossies in the house were National Geographics. My love of fashion was really precipitated by a love of history. As a small kid I loved the library and I would bring home stacks of books. My favourites were about classic Hollywood and costume history. I was a fashion nerd from the very beginning. I was fascinated with the way fashion changed. I made a whole set of paper dolls with historically accurate wardrobes. So from the very beginning, fashion was an intellectual, creative charge for me rather than a physical experience or material desire.

What type of sewing machine/serger do you use? What is your favorite/most used tool? – Emily

Currently my most used machine is a 1960s or so industrial Singer machine. I’m actually babysitting it for one of my employers, though I’d buy it in a minute. It only does one thing but it does it well. When we got it it was really rusty and the action was really stiff. But we cleaned it up and I’ve been running it and warming it back up. Machines need to be used, it was a shame that this one was left in a garage for so long. It came right back, it’s a real worker.

a little before…

and after…

In the background of that picture you can see two of my other machines…

I also have a White domestic 4-thread serger, a gift from a dear friend.

I also own a Necchi portable – Italian – from the 1950s. It’s one of those classic heavy-metal “portables” with the seafoam green colouring. This machine was originally a wedding gift of my Nana’s, and she’s passed it along to me.

My most recently acquired machine was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. It’s a Singer treadle leatherworker from the 1920s. It’s beautiful, but finicky. Here’s a picture of the machine (sans treadle base):

My absolute favourite/most used tool though would have to be the Mac G5, honestly.


  1. Awesome! Thanks! Please do tell when your line will be commercially available as I totally covet the pieces!
    Comment by Emily — May 7, 2006 @ 8:36 pm |Edit This
  2. Hey – ok so I suppose I am officially de-lurking! Sorry to be so anonymous – I don’t have a blog yet but I’m inching my way there slowly…I can email you more info about me if you find my questions imposing or creepy. :)I just thought of another question that I’d love to know! What type of sewing machine/serger do you use? What is your favorite/most used tool?The more I think about it, the more questions come to mind…sorry!
    Comment by Emily — May 7, 2006 @ 8:48 pm |Edit This
  3. Email me anytime Emily, I’d be pleased to learn more about you too!
    Comment by Danielle — May 7, 2006 @ 10:05 pm |Edit This
  4. To anyone looking to hire Danielle, I have have worked with her in school, and have to say I would trust her with most any project. She is hard working way beyond what anyone would expect, and her artistic and technical skills are amazing. Nice work on the blog, Danielle, and I can’t wait to see where your passion takes you in the future!
    Sarah R.

    Comment by Sarah R. — May 18, 2006 @ 1:25 am |Edit This
  5. Gosh, thank you so much Sarah, that means so much to me that you believe in my work! It’s such a thrill to hear from you again! <3
    Comment by Danielle — May 18, 2006 @ 7:33 am |Edit This
  6. After reading all those comments on fashion-incubator, I’m so curious to see what your business card looks like, (I work as a graphic designer) but, I have a feeling you might not be too interested in scanning your business card? But I’m sure one day I’ll see you at a fashion event and then we can trade business cards (even though mine really isn’t anything special) 😉
    Comment by Tammy — June 12, 2006 @ 8:33 am |Edit This
  7. […] I’ve been doodling behind the scenes trying to come up with a new concept for my header and the about me page. As it is the site is a clean slate – for most of the summer I’ve been hesitant to assert who I am and where I’m going and the minimal page reflected that. […]
    Pingback by final fashion » changes — July 21, 2006 @ 1:31 pm |Edit This
  8. Hey Danielle,Congrats on all your accomplishments! I saw an article in the newspaper today about your design being displayed at the Bloor Holt Renfrew! I’m happy to hear that you have found something to be passionate about. It’s always good to hear about people moving on from the small town and being successful. Congrats!From one small town girl in the big city to another 🙂
    Comment by Chrissy Balemba — July 26, 2006 @ 10:19 am |Edit This
  9. Hi Danielle, I also saw the article in the paper today. I had heard about the exhibit at Holt’s before and last night I had e-mailed comments about project runway, I was so surprised that you were part of the exhibit. Bravo! I would love to hear from you and hear what you are working on and where you want to go. I just finished a 21 pc collection with a friend of mine. It was shown in Barcelona in June. We were the only Canadian collection there. I am currently working on a show for an art gallery that will be shown in April of 2007. My focus is one of a kind wearable art that is from recycled materials(not at all like Preloved). I am proud to see so much passion and it keeps me inspired to continue on in my chosen profession.
    Comment by Sandie — July 26, 2006 @ 9:55 pm |Edit This
  10. Hey Danielle!I haven’t seen your article in the paper just yet, but Chrissy sent me the link to this website and I must say I’m very proud to see that you are accomplishing great things. I always knew you would :)I just wanted to say congratulations on your accomplishments. And as Chrissy stated above “From one small town girl in the big city to another,” Congratulations!
    Comment by Casandra W — July 27, 2006 @ 2:02 pm |Edit This
  11. Wow, thanks for the comments everyone!It’s so neat to hear from both of you Chrissy and Cassandra – girls I went to public school with! The magic of the internet connects… so cool. I’m not sure I’m accomplishing great things yet though! =)
    Comment by Danielle — July 27, 2006 @ 3:37 pm |Edit This
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    Hi Danielle. I think you’re a great illustrator and an awesome designer. You should participate in Alternative fashion week. Below is the info:

    Up and coming designers are needed for Toronto Alternative Fashion Week which is set to unfold from the 10 – 14 October 2006.

    Interested designers please contact Vanja, the director of Toronto Alternative Fashion Week by sending an email to

    About the event:
    The Toronto Alternative Fashion Week [FAT] is Toronto’s first ever alternative fashion event that is geared towards the promotion and exposure of young and up and coming talent in the fields of fashion, art and music. What is defined by alternative, is [FAT]’s diverse approach in the representation of fashion.

    [FAT] is comparable to the London Alternative Fashion Week and New York Alternative Fashion Week in that it presents new and groundbreaking designs in fashion, but distinguishes itself by simultaneously showcasing works of art responding to the theme of fashion and establishing connections and correlations. The Toronto event was designed as an “alternative” to the well-established L’Oreal Fashion Week, in order to create a new and more feasible outlet for young designers and artists to showcase their work. As the event grows with each year it will ultimately become a channel for these passionate designers and artists to build relationships with their peers and the community at large.
    Comment by Stan Trac — August 10, 2006 @ 11:02 pm |Edit This

    Hi Stan!

    Thanks for the nice words. I won’t be participating in FAT this year though I do hope to attend. Maybe I will see you there!
    Comment by Danielle — August 11, 2006 @ 3:52 pm |Edit This

    hey remeber me? we haven’t seen each other in awhile , i think the last time was late one night in toronto with adam and jake at a pizza place. i was thinking back on highschool and i was google(ing)people (yes i’m a nerd)and i found this site and i had to check it out to see how your doing. It looks like your doing well. congradulations on all of your acheivements.i loved your last collection. But i’ve always loved what you do. i just wanted to say hi and at the risk of sounding like a dweed i’m a fan.
    Comment by Miriam Cyr (formerly Zwicker) — August 25, 2006 @ 4:36 pm |Edit This

    Hi Miriam! Congratulations on your marriage! It has been a long time considering we live in the same city. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the blog – I’m a big nerd too =)
    Comment by Danielle — August 25, 2006 @ 6:23 pm |Edit This

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