double click.

Two new commenters also have neat blogs.

The great quality of my readers impresses me a lot. I always look forward to reading the comments and clicking on your links.

Beth’s site, has it all… crafting, knits, all sorts of interesting processes and techniques… and bioinformatics. Very geeky, informative, and pleasant reading.

Nadia makes me laugh out loud – this girl should be a Canadian anti-fashion icon! Nadia’s Crafting Adventures is nerdy in the best possible way. This is coming from a self-confessed and proud fashion-nerd.

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4 thoughts on “double click.”

  1. Thanks for the links Danielle, I am interested in reading both of these blogs in the future! They are right up my reading alley 🙂

  2. Danielle, I saw something on project runway and I didn’t know who esle to ask.

    One of the designers had a lite match and was passing it along the fringe of a shirt. What does that do? Thanks.

  3. Hi Sara Noemi =)

    I’m guessing, but it was either to keep a synthetic fabric with a raw edge from fraying, or to burn off stray fibers. Unfortunately up here in Canada we are slow eh, so I haven’t yet seen the episode and I don’t know for sure.

  4. Yeah unfortunately we don’t get it unless we order Bravo 🙁 I saw the first 3 episodes on NBC, I think? – and then it was off the air – I read it was a test run 🙁 Hopefully they will decide to run the show!

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