my cogs

I was inspired by the great, detailed posts of some of my favourite fashion blogger’s “style cogs”. Susie Bubble from style bubble has such an indescribably unique way mixing it up with both fashion-forward and essential classic pieces. Tricia from bits & bobbins demonstrates such a great sense of colour, pattern, as well as a wonderfully textured, handmade feel.

My own cogs are much more… mechanical.

(clockwise from left) skinny black jacket, leather messenger bag, Bond Girl boots, leather flats, tank tops, sundresses, Earnest Sewn jeans… oh, and Sly snuck into this picture though I don’t wear her out!

For someone who is obsessed with all aspects of fashion, I am not a much of a stylist or a colourist at all. The things that make up my cogs – on a day-to-day basis – are simple, essential, and without frill or decoration. In the summer time I loosen up a little but in the winter I adopt my urban uniform. This winter I have promised myself a new jacket, because that one (which I made) is worn out.

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7 thoughts on “my cogs”

  1. I love ur Bond Girl boots and have been looking for a pair, I seem to go though fashion stages,

    this summer it has been Boho Jia with long flowing skirts and bright tshirts with sandals…

    Although I might get back into what my Best Friend calls “Preppy meets Japanese school girl chic” this fall and winter, I got a thing for pleated plaid skirts.

  2. Ahhh, this makes me sad that I had to give up my fashion blog, cause now I want to join in!!!

    Lovvee the boots… I remember when you got them and I always meant to tell you how awesome they were… but I think I was in a rip roaring bad mood for about 5 months from collection… Sooo, I tell you now, SWEET BOOTS

  3. Yes, I’m diggin the boots as well! It’s hard for me to find boots like that here in California. I’ll have to make a trip up to Canada!

    I see that we have alot more in common than I thought 🙂

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