While most of Canada is enjoying their extra-long civic weekend, I have been absorbed with work for the past little while. Other people’s projects… patterns, research and sketching.

I’ve also got a part-time job. It is at a small apparel company. I do a lot of everything – I’m learning lots about all the little things you have to do to keep a business running.

I’ve become a little too busy to worry about what my next big move will be and sometimes even a little too busy to post in a thoughtful way.

It’s a gorgeous day here, hot sunny with a nice gusty wind that cools. I’ve finally finished all the urgent stuff and have time to tidy up, pick some things up at the store, clean up and say hi to everyone.

This will be the first summer in four years where I am not going back to school. I feel free and a little giddy. I’m over the whole “get a job” thing – I’m busy making money yet I’m flexible and open to opportunity. Now I just do my thing and chance is free to find me.

… the view from my window right now:

This past couple of years has been so mind-blowing. Everything is always changing, and always getting a little bit better. Sometimes when I realize all of the things I am lucky to have, I can’t believe that this is just the beginning… I don’t know all of the things I am going to do yet and the possibilities are exciting.

Hello out there! How is your summer going?

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7 thoughts on “post!”

  1. summer has been great for me too… although I have to go back to finish up a couple liberals. It’s been weird freelancing these last few months. It’s nice to have a steady income, and also nice to have freedom from a 9 to 5 job.

    I just wish I was able to go swimming somewhere! I miss swimming – especially when it feels like an oven outside.

  2. Summer has been good for me too, can’t wait to get back to school in the fall after being away from it for a few years! Enjoy your new job and the new learning experiences you will be encountering. It sounds like the job you have might be similar to my last one, doing a little bit of everything. It will be a great learning experience for sure.

  3. “I’m busy making money yet I’m flexible and open to opportunity”

    That sounds wonderful!

    Normally I’m not too crazy about summer. So many fun and social things stop for the summer. But this year has been better. Or anyway, I’m staying busy right here.

  4. Summer in the real world has been crazy! Well, if you call working with tiny people “the real world”. Either way, I’ll be happy to retire to my ivory tower for a nice, long, rainy Vancouver winter.

  5. Hi there,

    I did a search on google for “i got my hand tags” and your site came up – your other blog. I need to get new hang tags made and was wondering where you got yours?

    ALSO, i checked out your LAST FASHION entry and i really like what you came up with – especially since it’s suitable for a variety of figures!

    Keep up the good work, and I am in awe of you for going to Ryerson – i wanted to go for dance but was too afraid of TO to move there. I ended up in Waterloo, then Windsor. I’m in Chatham now, working PT (with FT hours). I ended up in social work.

  6. Nice to hear from everyone!

    Hi Jen,

    I made my own hangtags. The only thing I didn’t do was take the pictures and print the tags. I even cut them myself and grommeted them myself and everything.

    I’m glad you liked my collection =). Thanks for reading!

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