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What happened to Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch? I’m sorry fellow Toronto fashionophiles, my follow through on the project got lost between all the various jobs I’ve gotten myself into.

Don’t give up on me! I hereby set a date – Sunday September the 24th, on which to hold the first blogger brunch. Stay tuned to this channel for details and spread the word – send me your Toronto fashion links and email addresses, and tell your friends. This is a brunch for local fashion bloggers and readers to meet eachother and talk about whatever we feel like.

Adrian at fashion verbatim is a brand new fashion blogger who’s off to an excellent start with runway reviews, musings on the shameful dearth of good fashion television, and lovely photos by his friend Laura. Adrian’s located in Toronto, I hope he comes to brunch, and Laura is invited too.

Today I am giving some more shoutouts to the crafters out there – there is totally a significant overlap between crafting and fashion blogging – even though I would never characterize myself as a crafty person, I still find crafters fascinating as they often have a broad spectrum of interests, often including fashion or creating clothing.

I am also totally charmed by yarnaggedon – Mandy’s got a rocker aesthetic, shares her knitting and her customized clothing, and thoughts.

There are so many rocking crafters out there – Elizabeth at crafts of destiny has the cutest little chicks, flashbacks to the 90s, and street style inspiration.

Speaking of unbelievably cool creatives, check out what Stereoette is up to – she’s started her very own crafty store! She’s got cute tops and necklaces, and don’t miss the About. I’m excited by these little microbusinesses – it’s turning into a global craft fair.

Last but not least Aiar at right sides facing is truly cunning with a sewing machine – I am very impressed, check out her refashioning of a jacket from Walmart and see. She also has a determined take on the business side of crafting. Her blog is excellent and her links list is a treasure trove. I think she lives in Canada – I wonder if she’s close enough to come to TFBB?

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10 thoughts on “sweet blogspotting”

  1. Hey Danielle,

    I am still up for the blogger brunch, we should definitely include some of the crafty bloggers too! They certainly are making a contribution to fashion 🙂 I’m glad you have been reading some of the above websites, there’s some interesting stuff going on out there! – Have you ever checked out craftster.org? I have found some talented crafty/designer types over there. I think there is even a category for reproducing designer clothing.
    Also Etsy is a pretty inspiring meeting place where crafty types sell their goods.
    If you want to get a big Shoutout for the blogger brunch to artsy/fashion/crafty types send an e-mail to Torontocraftalert.com they will post your event on their website.
    I’m still working on my site….I have been carried away by this move I did over the summer and getting ready for school but I hope to have it up and running my first month of school…fingers crossed. I have been working on a write-up about customer service and merchandising I was inspired after a recent trip to the mall….but more on this later!

  2. Hi Danielle,

    Thank you for the compliments! I appreciate your realistic and unaffected view of being in the fashion industry, so it’s always a pleasure to read your posts. You seem very mature and grounded, focusing more on quality and understanding of clothing, rather than just delivering flash with no substance. Your clean site design adds to how enjoyable it is to read.

    Sadly, I am stuck on the Prairies in lovely Calgary (home of the Stampede, don’t you know? Ugh.) Toronto is a far off dream that only exists in storybooks at this point 🙂

  3. Hi Danielle,

    thanks for the comments! The blogger brunch seems like it will be a lot of fun – I’ll keep checking back for more details. Keep up the awesome work!


  4. Looking forward! I know very well, we all get so caught up in “real” life (or should I say the technicalities of life…)!
    This is the best thing though – set a date – and the location will come along.
    How about one of the spots in the Bathurst/Bloor neighbourhood?

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