the bra-makers manual

Currently I am working on a bra project. Now, like most fashion design graduates, I learned next to nothing about making a bra at school and as the “self-supporting” small type I have virtually no personal experience of wearing bras, or trying them on. I have in the past made a bustier and some corsetry, and understand the basic bits (cups, band, straps!)… but I really need to do my homework.

Fortunately, I live in southern Ontario, not too far from Hamilton where Beverly Johnson from Bra-Makers has her bra-making school. Beverly knows everything about bras. I had the great pleasure of visiting her school and speaking with her personally – she is so cool! Beverly was so kind to share her knowledge, and I was fascinated to hear the story of how she became a bra expert. I am so priviliged to have the benefits of experienced and generous industry mentors.

Now I’m back in Toronto reading The Bra-Makers Manual, Beverly’s book – doing my homework! Bras are such complex garments. It seems like every small niche in the fashion industry can easily fill a big book – and I know that this book holds only a fraction of the vast arcane knowledge from Beverly’s experience. It is an excellent book – full of clearly drawn diagrams, written with both the authority of experience and a wonderfully conversational tone. Since I’ve met her in person, I can hear Beverly’s voice in my head as I read it – intimate, amusing, and easy to learn from. She is a natural teacher.

Some people don’t understand how a single garment, a certain stage of the design process, or a single type of fabric, or even a single type of fiber, can easily provide a lifetime of fascination and work. The more I get into the industry and meet people, the more I realize that any industry segment has so much more depth than meets the eye. Someday I expect I will have my own arcane specialization too.

As we all have our different specializations and abilities, I am in awe of the interconnectedness of the whole industry. We all need eachother.

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3 thoughts on “the bra-makers manual”

  1. I have great respect for anyone who can handle constructing a good bra. I remember taking contour design (bra making class) in university and I found it soooo difficult and needless to say my bra in the end was a disaster! UGH! The professor was amazing, but I just didn’t have the patience needed to overcome all of the obstacles of sewing a good bra.

    I should pick up that book, it probably would help me out a great deal.

  2. It sounds like a great book, and would be an interesting class to take someday 🙂 I bet it is extremely difficult to do!

  3. Hey, I was recently on the WGSN-Edu website for students and they said that there is actually a shortage (at least in the UK) of technical lingerie and bra designers.

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