water, wind and fire by Ray

Click on This Could Be Anywhere in the World to see some water, fire and wind effects I did for this Canadian band, Alexis on Fire.

I just worked on Hilary Duff’s new video, and we smashed things and made big fire. Hilary handled the heat better than the singer from Alexis on Fire.

Duff is tuff.

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3 thoughts on “water, wind and fire by Ray”

  1. From what Ray told me, it seems like it’s not so much that Duff is tuff, as it is that Alexis-on-Fire singer was kinda whiney. However, the Alexis-on-Fire guy actually has pipes, whereas dear Duff can’t even sing in tune to her own songs…

    I gotta watch out – I’m letting Ray hijack the blog and he seems to be awfully popular =) He needs his own blog.

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