woo, weekend!

Hey! Working life is good. I won’t say too much about it (my policy is to keep professional details off the site – discretion is the better part of blogging), but I am really excited. My work aligns very closely with some of my favourite subjects; contrafashion, the convergence of design and marketing, vertical integration, and supporting the domestic apparel industry.

It’s nice to have weekends, too. This weekend I’m going to do another drawing session… and I’m thrilled verbal croquis is going to do a little drawing too – game on! Just kidding, but seriously! =D

Also, for your clicking pleasure…

Streetwear’s best blog: Don’t Believe the Hypebeast – I am laughing out loud. Streetwear is taken so seriously it’s now as much of a target for satire as any other kind of dandyism. To outsiders like me, it’s extremely amusing how nuances in style can spark such impassioned debate. Streetwear isn’t just about clothes – it’s about a style hierarchy, it’s about money, “authenticity” and extravagant “limited” versions of casual staples – jeans, t-shirts and hats – with ink on them.

I got that link via Footpath Zeitgeist. Mel has a thoughtful and satisfying take on streetwear and hipsterism, as well as a good point about putting a value to blog content.

Oh, and just for fun this weekend I got Jeanne Beker’s book from the library. I’m going to hold off on talking about it until I’ve read it. I must say the cover made me laugh out loud – Jeanne Beker in an evening gown yelling into her cell phone, with a giant floating perfume bottle next to her. Just kidding, but seriously – Jeanne Beker’s style of journalism both cracks me up and makes me want to hide behind the couch. I’m looking forward to learning more about her career and of course all the fashion anecdotes.

Okay, enough clicking – I’ve got to get sketching.

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  1. Hey Danielle, ta for the link! I just re-organised my blogroll and realised how many other awesome blogs are out there – including yours!

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