fashion weak.

Is it just me, or is it hard to get excited about the clothes for spring so far? It can’t be because I am jaded by the scene – I can count the number of fashion shows I’ve been to on one hand.

The newest trend in fashion blogging is to tone down the fashion week hoo-ha. It’s true, after the last couple seasons of eagerly sifting through the show photos to pick out the best and the worst it’s no longer as interesting to me as it once was. The runway review has become a hacky fashion blogger convention.

Which is a damn shame because finally I can get my hands on some legit images courtesy of coutorture. So far this fashion week has barely moved on from last year – lots of whites and neutrals, lots of volume and layering, some of it awkwardly executed…

(from Ashish N Soni)

… and some of it sweet, but too familiar, too self-consciously “on-trend”. The man-tailored shorts, baby doll dresses, pegged and bubble silhouettes, lacy ladies, are all still there. The dull runways mean that I’m way more interested in Julie interviewing the press veterans, the insider juice from Style Bites, candids from The Sartorialist, and expert makeup analysis from The Beauty Newsletter than actually sucking back the fashion shows. And I know that Julie is running around exhausted trying to upload all the photos, but I don’t actually feel I can add much value to the coverage from way over here in Toronto, other than to point towards coutorture where all the best is helpfully aggregated.

I guess if I could pass any feedback towards Julie and Phil, it would be to avoid trying to be getty or and keep giving us the essence of fashion week – the voices and the inside analysis. It seems to me like fashion week has never been less relevant or noteworthy and that might be this season’s biggest revelation – there isn’t enough behind the hype to get excited about this year. Let’s hope Marc Jacobs gets me all angry later this week so I can take that back.

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10 thoughts on “fashion weak.”

  1. I love fashion. i would love to work in the fashion industeirs becasue it would be cool to make dress’ and then send them off to stores.

  2. Hi Danielle… I think it’s great to get another designer’s point of view, either likes or dislikes about the shows. Usually commentary is a reporter or an outsider’s point of view, not an expert like you. I’m definitely seeing trends I like an don’t like… it’s all about how you and the readers take it and run with it! That’s the fun of it! So keep your opinions coming.. it’s definitely worth it! 🙂

  3. I’m kind of over dosed on fashion period. I don’t know what is “good” anymore. I mean, I used to get excited at what I thought was cool stuff but lately (several years now) I see all this …crap… to me but everybody else seems to think it’s whiz-bang stuff but it doesn’t excite me. So, I’m left with the idea that I just have no sense of what’s good design because so much of fashion is ridiculous to me. These days, at least judging from my email box, tee shirts are fashion items and I just think it sucks. Apparently, I’m supposed to take this stuff seriously and all I want to do is hit the snooze button. Everybody wants to be a star but nobody wants to do the REAL work that goes into it. Everybody calls themselves “couture” this and that and it just gets old. Fashion should excite. Fashion should lead one to want and at least minimally, get me out of the thrift stores but it doesn’t. I covet nothing.

  4. ditto KF, I get emails from people letting me know about the new line they have designed and it turns out to be t-shirts… perplexing. I guess there is always the exception, but…

    BTW, since you linked to my site, I am not “ignoring” fashion week. I am definitely looking. I am just not writing anything, except maybe the odd bit here and there, like Elisa Jimenez’s showing of Ingeo paper dresses, the Cone Denim exhibit or the Proenza Schouler hemp jacket. I will likely summarize my thoughts in one post when it is all said and done and, for me and my readers, I think that is sufficient. For those craving more, there are plenty of people covering all of the action.

  5. I’m so sorry if I misrepresented you in the link Jill – I thought it was interesting how fashion week really hasn’t generated a lot of comment from some of the best bloggers.

  6. What I truly love to see, is people who can take some of the current fashion trends and put interesting twists on them, using interesting fabrics, colors and modern spins on old favorites. Give me a babydoll dress done better. Give us a reason to buy high fashion, as opposed to Target or Ross. Fashion should reflect the person under, not the other way around. This is probably why you find yourself bored with fashion shows, they lack personality.

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