looking back, looking forward… need corrective lenses

Finally I’m relaxed and full of coffee… mucking about on my coat project. It is beginning to get cold and I’m already dreading wearing my woefully inadequate winter wardrobe for another year. So it’s time to get cracking – I’ll take some pictures once I have the first draft cut out.

After a rocky transition I am looking back on what was a pretty great summer. I lived lean and had enough projects to keep me going. I discovered that the traditional resume-and-interview route did not get me where I wanted to go. I realized that I really have no idea what I want to do yet. So far I’ve had a mixed bag of experiences both great and ridiculous… but they’ve all been apparel-industry related. The trend has been on the up and up. Though I don’t have anything much to brag about, I feel like I’m getting closer to what I was meant to be, whatever that is.

Now I have taken on a full-time position and I’m back in black as far as living in the city with a student loan goes. That am-I-going-to-make-it and what-do-I-really-want post-university stress is gone. It hasn’t been an easy transition, especially because the challenge is unusual – but I can’t talk about work stuff on the blog. I will let it be known that I am not a fashion designer – I am a production assistant.

Capital-F Fashion isn’t concerning me as much as it used to. This season’s runways were a blur – rather than catching them the minute they dropped as in the past, I figure I’ve got all season to catch up on what everyone is doing. None of it really seems that remarkable anymore.

I do need clothes though… I have to fix my wintertime urban uniform problem. I can afford to spend a little but I really don’t have the time to shop… and I don’t covet as much as I used to either. There is one thing I really need – new glasses. My old ones are all scratched and damaged. Glasses are pretty important – I have to wear them every day. It’s so difficult to choose a pair. I’d like something distinctive without being weird. Okay, maybe a little bit odd.

Gloria Steinem early eighties tinted?
Gloria Steinem

1950s plastic nerd glasses (like the man-nerd kind, not the cat’s eye)?

Square framed granny glasses? I’m already paralyzed by choice.

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8 thoughts on “looking back, looking forward… need corrective lenses”

  1. I know what you mean about wanting to be a little bit unique (but then I don’t do it — I see myself coming and going all day long).

    That is such a hard question. It’s all about the inner you and how you want to be perceived (… and being able to see, of course).

    The fifties nerd ones are probably more serious and bold.
    The granny glasses are more nostalgic, but because they are geometrical, not too romantic.
    What about a smaller (but not small) pair of aviators in a color that would stand out, but still blend with your coloring?

    I can’t wait to see what you get!

  2. I know what you mean about glasses — I’ve had the same pair for nine years and need a change, but I want a pair that are *me*, as I’ll prolly get stuck with the next pair for the next decade.

  3. Wow, oh I hate needing new glasses. It’s funny because people who don’t wear glasses may never understand how incredibly important your glasses become to you over time. I always like to find really crazy glasses. I never know what I am looking for though… they sorta just happen – don’t ask…. I usually end up taking months to find new glasses.

    I don’t know about the aviators on you, you’re face is small and delicate and I think they might hide your whole head! haha.

    I can definitely see you in some 50’s glasses, but I think somewhere between the nerd ones, and the cat’s eye ones…

    I dunno, the rectangular granny glasses always rubbed me the wrong way. I think they are too blah – but then again I wear bright red glasses so ya know….

  4. I’m with Christy on this one, Danielle, your face is delicate and beautiful, and you could look overwhelmed with big glasses. I would put you in something light and frameless so people could enjoy your face without being distracted by the glasses. Maybe something in thin gold or silver so they would be more like jewelry and less like a mask. Plus, you have so much personality and style that you don’t need glasses to make you look special, that comes through without any props.

    On another note, my husband’s latest pair of glasses are made of some kind of material that is pretty flexible, which is great because he can sit on them etc etc and they are pretty indestructible. Also, I would avoid metal frames that are painted black because when they get older the black tends to wear off and they don’t age very gracefully.

    Also, I don’t know if any optician would do this, but there are tons of cool frames out there (like vintage and inexpensive sunglass frames) that would make good glasses, plus they are super cheap-o and that never hurts. Has anyone ever taken a random pair of sunglasses and had vision correcting lenses put in?

  5. Sarah… I definitely think it is possible to get custom cut lenses for old frames. Actually it might end up being cheaper that way… maybe next time I am looking for new glasses, I will look for old frames.

    I agree with Sarah, I think that you should go for some funky delicate frames, even if they were plastic, something graceful.

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