stuff is hot

Julie got THE interview. This is an incredible post.
What could top that? Such a highlight.

Ah fashion week. I guess I do kind of like it.

Even some of the clothes I like… even Marc Jacobs clothes!

I love this.

I liked quite a number of looks from this show. Marc takes the exact same boring themes as everyone else (still more mixed neutrals, poofieness and lacy looks) he actually does a great number with the cutting and the layering.

Jeremy Laing pulls the conceptualizing back a bit this year for a minimal, restrained, and very wearable collection. I quite like these looks, and the quietness of the design and the styling of the models is very natural… almost as unpretentious as a runway presentation could be.

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3 thoughts on “stuff is hot”

  1. I realy like that Jeremy Laing collection, it’s all super wearable and still trendy in a quiet way.
    Also, do you have any fashion tips for a girl going to paris soon?

  2. I think MJ is ripping your collection off a bit with that dress on Bruna- I’d much rather wear final fashion!

    fashion tips for alison: shoes comfortable enough to clamour over cobblestones in!

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