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Two phrases have been popping up these days in my conversation as sort of self-amusing asides. Funny how phrases are like clothes… you wear them for a time until they are no longer relevant. Other phrases stay with you even after they’ve worn out.

“It’s a little bit more complicated then that,” a catch-all sort of phrase with sort of ruthless indifference… applies to everything and discourages explaining. Via the show with zefrank.

“It looks like a lot of butter, but it’s not.” I got this one from a cooking show my parents were watching. To be said while casually tossing a pound of butter in the pan. Should be blatently contradicting what is obvious in an offhanded, reassuring way. You can also replace “butter” with whatever applies in a given situation.

Something about the dualities of existence has been getting to me. The struggles of beginning things are all around me – the balance of what I can control and what I can’t, and those daily successes and failures, the imperfect nature of the world. I’m coming up to my birthday – yes I’m a Libra. The scales make me think of my own nature – I tend to see both sides of every question. Or is astrology a crock of garbage?

The other duality that strikes me is the hidden combination for making it in business – you have to be able to simultaneously care a lot and not care too much at all. That doesn’t mean half way – it seems to me you should be able have it both ways. I’m not sure if I can explain this well yet, maybe it will come to me later.

I’m blown away with the passion that Almost Girl has thrown into blogger access for New York fashion week. Julie has shown incredible drive, bringing real fashion week access to bloggers, including link-safe photos and invites to tons of shows. I’m not saying this just because Julie is my fashion hero – coutorture is seriously going to be where all the action is going down.

Julie cares very deeply about what she does – and is passionate about legitimizing our role as fashion bloggers. That means sometimes people don’t like what she’s promoting or how or why she does it – Julie is no stranger to criticism and controversy – and she has to let that stuff slide so it doesn’t get in the way of her mission.

Maybe that’s what I’m trying to talk about – you have to be able to invest deeply in something but you also have to let go and keep it in perspective. It’s a balance I would like to achieve.

I’m finishing a novel, A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. It is set in Bombay in the 1970s, and has a palpable sense of humanity. A compelling set of characters bring a sense of life’s joys, mistakes and tragedies. It’s a very good novel.

A fine balance.

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5 thoughts on “words for right now”

  1. Don’t underestimate your importance as a fashion blogger either Danielle.
    You post some very useful and informative subject matter. For someone relatively new to the industry, you present a realistic viewpoint on the topics you cover. I always look for your new posts. You seem to “get” things.

  2. Ditto with Irv, danielle…you do a great job and you are so introspective. Nice to see. I love what you said about the balance of business…so true. I am really going through that right now. I am dealing with a local competitor which is a first for me. Thanks for blogging!


  3. You can probably guess that I don’t live my life by astrology (that’s actually why I don’t have my age and birthday in my blogger profile; I don’t care who knows how old I am). Nevertheless, there are things in the universe that I don’t understand and one of them is this curious coincidence: my birthday is also coming up and I also tend to see both sides of every equation. Hmmmm … thought to ponder.

    Anyway, good friend, when is your birthday, if you would like to tell us? Mine is October 9th and I will be 43.

  4. Thanks for the words of encouragment Big Irv and Andrea, I deeply appreciate your respect. I’m not sure how informative I may be but I try to write about how I really think, even if it’s kind of introverted and nerdy – and it’s nice to be recognized for that.

    Rebecca, dear friend, I am turning 24 years old on the 30th of September.

    Let’s not think too hard about the astrology thing – I’m too skeptical to take it very seriously. Still, I have researched the symbolism in the past (I used to read tarot for fun) and it is full of curious connections. It may or may not have any truth to it but it helps people tell a story about themselves and their world and seems to satisfy a need to understand the inexplicable.

    I think Julie is a Libra as well, while we are pondering =)

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