in case you thought I forgot…

It was Toronto Fashion Week last week. I missed every show except for an offsite Dean Horn show. I’ve been a bit too occupied to notice, either. That’s why my posting has been a little light.

If you want to get a taste of what went down the best place to go is

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3 thoughts on “in case you thought I forgot…”

  1. As an aspiring fashion designer, I’m truly inspired by your work. You sketches, amazing, you design, divine. Is it alright if I add you to my links list?

  2. Gigi,
    Thank you for the lovely compliments! If you consider it linkworthy I am honoured.

    basically, yes.
    Toronto is that broke. =)

    (don’t forget LA has Mercedes Benz fashion week… there is very little stigma to sponsorship in fashion-land… =)

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