A paint store burned down next to my studio. I can’t imagine what sort of toxic poison is inside me and on everything I own now. I don’t want to think about it.

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7 thoughts on “toxic”

  1. Suckage! I really hope you can scoop some Spiderman-type powers out of this — maybe you’ll be Courageous Colour Girl? Saving the streets from Montrous Monotone!

    Sorry… not trying to be an ass by making light. Hope things work out for you.

  2. I’m so sorry! I hope that none of your things (or you! especially you!) are damaged by any of the fallout from the fire. I also hope that the owners of the paint store are ok!

  3. Everything is ok. My brother (the fire safety expert) told me that the only thing to do is to wash our surfaces and spend as little time here as possible… sigh… as if.

    The news story is here

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