Black Friday

No, I have not and will not buy anything today… oh wait, does coffee count?

I want to write some more about this, because I have to be brief right now… I’ll be back soon.

I love Buy Nothing day and I love Black Friday Blogging. Stay tuned.


Just spent some time looking back at last year’s Black Friday Blogging. I don’t read my archives often. Somehow I always expect to feel embarrassed, I tend to want to cut off and forget my past.

Black Friday Blogging was the week where I really fell in love with blogging. Scroll down and see what I wrote – the Free Fashion series. Possibly some of my best blog writing ever. Some points I no longer agree with but I’m overwhelmed by the things I knew back then that I have since forgotten… and am rediscovering, with difficulty. I was so ignorant… and prescient.

The whole thing was Almost Girl‘s idea. Julie managed to coalesce the fashion blogosphere like never before, generated great conversation, links and traffic… prescient again as now she is using coutorture to bring bloggers and the insider industry together. I will always be thankful to Julie for turning me onto blogging as a passion.

So what happened to the conversation? Is there not much to say anymore?

Julie and I both have graduated from university, abandoning academics for the real world. We are too exhausted to carry on an indulgent week of blogging in between classes. Fashion insiders do want to join the conversation… but only if there’s something in it for them. We’re both dealing with the ideas of trying to use some of that online magic in our professional lives but find the conversation doesn’t have quite the same sense of freedom and spontenaity. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing it for a long time, so it no longer has the same sense of novelty and engagement. Things will never be the way they were.

I went with my friend Sidney to the Eaton Centre today and we walked in and out of stores, not trying anything on but feeling all the different brands. We didn’t buy anything. There’s a Swarovski Christmas tree in the mall that is so well lit and bright it sort of seems like a holograph. It doesn’t seem as busy as last year. Everything seemed so indulgent and warm, a mall full of nice things and lucky people, and I didn’t want any of it. I just enjoyed observing it all and talking with my friend.I don’t relish consumption. I do have material desires but they are few and specific… I don’t get any joy out of shopping as a recreational pastime. I am thankful for the nice things that I have, and thankful to live in such an abundant place where I can get the things I want.

Just in case you want a peek at fashion blogging history, back when it was a bit more innocent and idealistic… a look back at last year’s Black Friday Blogging highlights.

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Black Friday Blogging Picks Up (wherin we meet our beloved blogging fashion designer Verbal Croquis for the first time.)

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