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Stuff I’ve snooped up this week;

Lovely, lovely linkers! Via my incoming links I have discovered Elegant Musings, studying design, sewing, and sharing lovely photos and of course… musings. What a charming way to discover a great blog, too, when quietly, without announcement, they offer a link. It’s like a gift.

The Stitchery is another generous gem. Mary Beth is awesome. Lots of machines and making stuff! Great sewing tips from an experienced businesswoman with a lot of curiousity and focus.

As you all know, Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch is coming up on the 19th! Rachel and Tiffanie from are coming, so is geekigirl, Carolyn Rohaly, and yours truly will be there. These girls are Toronto’s sharpest fashion minds, I’m really looking forward to this brunch. Are you a local fashion blogger? Let me know if you’re coming! Readers are totally welcome too.

And spread the word! Thank you so much to fusion boutique (an awesome fashion/record shop in Guelph, Jewell gets the best Canadian fashion) and Divashop (possibly the pinkest blog I have ever seen – but look closer she’s just the sweetest girly girl) for posting about TFBB.


Isabel might be coming! She writes one of my all time favourite blogs Hipster Musings… =D

TFBB is so cool. People start collaborating on eachother’s blogs, it’s wonderfully Toronto-specific, we’re all passionate about a lot of the same things. Digital connections become real life connections.

Maybe we should let the Drake know we’re coming?

oh and another thing…

Ooh, I have to mention another lovely incoming linker – Emily at A La Mode who has totally endeared herself to me with classic Canadian content… plus her url is… yep, that rocks.

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9 thoughts on “click hop”

  1. Oh my!! Thank you Danielle for the link! 🙂 I’m a long time reader of your blog (I think I found it late last year) and really have enjoyed your insight into the world of a fashion design degree and life afterwards. As well as your thoughts on fashion, design and such in general. 🙂 Keep it up!! 🙂

  2. Eek! Isabel might be coming! So cool.

    Thank all of you for the links, too! I’m always so pleased to learn about new people, it’s funny how we can do that these days… an incoming link is like a hand waving hello. Cool.

  3. Thank you for your more-than-kind words! Wonderful bloggers are indeed popping up all over, led down the primrose path by folks such as you 🙂 I’m in love with the new Organic Cotton blog (very big big grin)

  4. Thanks so much for the link. It is great to know that people out there are supporting you and liking what you are doing! I hope to make the next Blogger Brunch.

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