TFBB takes the cake at the Drake

Thank you to the Drake for such a fabulous, yummy brunch, stylish – yet also chilled out and comfy atmosphere. I think we’ve finally found a home for TFBB.

I love Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch. We all sit down, talk about our hopes and dreams in blogland and meatspace, eat lots of really filling brunchy food, drink lots of coffee, and take a meandering conversation through local events, trends, victims, must-have items, favourite movies…

Today’s highlights – Sonja’s trend piece got published in the National Post… the inside take on the Fashion File auditions… TFI and TSF are both getting into podcasting, vidcasting, IM conferencing and online community… plus super-secret plans of awesomeness.

Thank you to all my favourite Toronto Fashion Blog friends for coming! You all rock, I’m so thrilled that the internets have brought us together.
Today’s Cast:

Rachel and Sonja from

Anita from I want – I got

Carolyn from the Toronto Fashion Incubator

…and me

If you want to come to the next TFBB, stay tuned to this space.

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8 thoughts on “TFBB takes the cake at the Drake”

  1. I am SO sorry I missed you guys–I set my alarm for PM instead of AM. True idiocy, thy name is Tiff.

    Will be there for the next one if I can, promise!

    I feel so bad. I really wanted to chat with you…perhaps we can meet up for coffee sometime?

  2. It was a great get-to-gether as perusual!
    The Drake were very very good to us. Special muffin cake spread platter to die for! Had some great feedback about fashion podcasting – what do you think about fashion podcasts? Is it being done much? What would you want to listen to and for how long? [10mins or 1 hour?] – hope to meet some new fashion folk at the next one.

  3. Okay, so I feel as though I am finally back. I feel I am back to the world. i am alllllllmost officially done my degree – it felt like it took forever, but things are finally in line, and I feel as though I am finally able to start blogging again…. come january I am officially back to blogging… maybe next time I will be at the bloggers brunch

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