Lately I’ve been away from the blog too much. Preoccupied with working, eating, and sleeping, I don’t seem to have the same kind of energy to post… so things have slowed down a bit. The Technorati link ranking has dropped. It seems a bit quieter around as of late.

I really miss participating though. I am still lurking and watching whenever I have a moment, and bookmarking things that pique my interest.

Some hot and sweet things in internet land at the moment…

Speaking of Technorati, I like looking at the graphs that they post every once in a while.

Alex at Extra Tasty does some fashion [business] forecasting…

I recently discovered one of my reader’s lovely blogs – Wendy at Of(f) the Deep End and I connected over boots and Canadiana… two of my very favourite things.

Food for thought at Crossroads Dispatches, where I click from time to time and sometimes admit it.

Sew Mad links me under “constant inspiration”… gosh. Love the tutorials on quick last-minute gifts and fun with felt that she posted! That inspires me =)

Johanna Ost does lovely, unique illustration which I like browsing through.

This picture is pure hotness… love it. Thank you Fashion Addict Diary.



Finally, it’s official… moving to wordpress is the new black.

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3 thoughts on “clickalicious”

  1. uh, i feel so honored… 🙂
    thanks for having a look at my little place! i´ll be checking back to see more fashion at your blog and keep waiting for the patterns to come out for sale!

  2. Thanks again, Danielle, for stopping by to see me after I finally delurked! The link is much appreciated. And I will have some Canadiana to blog about soon — promise!

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