final 2006

Today I joined Wardrobe Remix, the group that one of my favourite style bloggers, Tricia Royal, started. Mostly I just want to lurk and comment, because my outfits don’t really change enough from day to day to warrant much posting. Browsing through everyone’s outfits as the year goes by is quite addictive.

I liked the idea of taking a snapshot of what I am wearing this winter, and taking a closer look at what my style has become. I don’t remix my wardrobe in the DJ sense, rather I am like an acoustic musician who practices and repeats a small repetoire of favourite songs.

jump 2006
I used to be embarassed by my ignorance about music and the pathetic hodgepodge of not-quite-right clothing I owned. Now I’m finally comfortable with asserting the things that I like, just because I like them. It helps that I now own many of the just-right basic necessities I have always craved. Long time readers will remember my anxieties over my clothing from fashion school and job interview days. Now I am lucky enough to wear many items that make me feel comfortable and confident.

What a year it has been. I finished the last collection and graduated. I took my first ever solo trip ever… to New York where I met beloved bloggers Almost Girl and Verbal Croquis in person. I did a gamut of job interviews with results ranging from gut-wrenching self-sabotage to empty success.

I got some cool freelance opportunities. Getting paid to draw pictures is the bomb. I got a job. An unusual opportunity which I will write more about next year.

After all the giddy highs and dank lows I’ve experienced this year, I now am feeling like I am settling in. The high anxiety/ambition has finally subsided. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to go to university for fashion design. I am thrilled to be working in Toronto and doing something that is challenging and positive. I have nice things and good food and wonderful people in my life. Every year gets a little bit better. Next year will too.

It has been a great privilige to share it all with you. The readers of this blog have become great friends and have generously passed along many amazing opportunities. I really appreciate everyone who comes by, links, sends emails and comments. The way virtual connections become real community make blogging very rewarding. Thank you for taking the time to make contact.

Have a terrific Christmas, spend lots of time with the people you love, eat way too much yummy food. I’ll be back next year, and I hope to meet you there.

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7 thoughts on “final 2006”

  1. Thank you for all the informative and interesting material you have posted for us to read and enjoy in 2006.

    Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2007 and we look forward to reading you in the New Year.

  2. Thank you Mary Beth and Big Irv. I am beyond grateful to have such experienced, intelligent individuals reading… you keep me aspiring to a higher caliber of communication and humility. I learn a lot from people who read this blog.

    Off to the country now =)

  3. Fabulous picture Danielle!!! Here’s hoping that your Christmas is fabulous, and that the year ahead brings you new challenges and successes.

    (Still jealous of the boots …)

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