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Hamish Macbeth, a BBC show that ran three seasons from 1995-1997, starring Robert Carlyle at peak hotness…

Image via bbc

This show is even better now than it was back when I watched it on TVO in the nineties. Now I get all the adult bits.

Hamish Macbeth is my favourite kind of male lead, complicated, charismatic, capable and flawed. (Daniel Craig as James Bond hit all those criteria as well – I am a big fan.) The supporting cast is full of fabulously developed characters whose stories interweave intriguingly. There’s a heart-breaking love triangle, comic relief, and the occasional bit of action.

It is well written and tremendously well acted. The scenery is fabulous and the production value is high. I had a huge crush on Hamish Macbeth as a young teenager and I still do. Hamish Macbeth is my all-time favourite television series.

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6 thoughts on “highly recommended”

  1. Aren’t those ernest, conflicted types attractive? You just want to rush in and save them. Oh I’ve tried, not worth doing in the end, but totally lovely to love. And that name: Hamish, whispers something like “try me, try me” naughty!!!

  2. When they announced Daniel Craig would be the next James Bond replacing Pierce Brosnan, so many people thought the world was going to end.
    Now, well into it’s run, the newest Bond flick starring Craig appears as if it will go down as the most successful Bond at the box office. Many movie critics state that this may be best Bond film ever.

    I’ll have to watch for this series now that you have mentioned it.

  3. Mary Beth – yes, and that scottish accent… mmm

    I was so pleased to see these shows are finally out on DVD. It’s fun to relive entertainment that I never thought I’d see again.

  4. Indeed. Hamish is definitely a fav in this household.

    Re: Bond, I really felt that Daniel Craig is the first one since Connery to have real magnetism. Some of the others might have been smooth, but lacked the charismatic appeal that Mr. Craig brings back to the part.

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