Today I made a free range roast chicken, on my own, for the first time. I found a recipe on a friendly local food blog called Once Upon A Feast. My version doesn’t look as nice as the picture but was very tasty.

Fat is really one of my favourite things in a food. I like the skin. I make my butternut squash with lots of butter. I like my %mf high.

I was observing that throughout history there is a varying tolerance for oiliness in fashion. Some periods of history are matte: starched or powdered, structured and formal. Others are shinier; more sensual, more body-conscious… oilier.

I just saw Marie Antoinette which was definitely a matte moment in fashion – powdered faces and powdered hair. (Loved the costumes, the directing, had issues with the acting and portrayal of the queen which may or may not make a boring post).


Then there was the ancient Egyptians – who favoured wearing cakes of scented butter on their hairdos, which would melt, perfumed oil making linen clothing to cling transparently to the body.

As far as the twentieth century goes generally, seventies were oily, eighties and nineties were matte, and I believe now we are at a stage where we are re-embracing oil.

Now, I am by no means a girl who “does my hair” in any sophisticated way, but I was amazed to see a product post where I had actually used the product in question on Almost Girl. It’s basically perfumed linseed oil (comes from flax… the linen plant… I think) which you rub into the ends of your hair to condition them after you wash your hair… replacing some of the oil you just stripped from your hair. It works too, in very small amounts.


The days of “wash rinse repeat” are a thing of the past.

I found this awesome thread on the Fashion Spot about using oil to cleanse the skin. I just tried it and it is very nice. The oil rinsed off remarkably well with the hot water and my face feels smooth and not greasy. It’s nice to try this out on a weekend. I like how simple and contrary it is. Let’s give this internet wisdom a shot – why not?

Peek: oil. What do you think this says about the zeitgeist these days?

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5 thoughts on “oil”

  1. I want to see how some of these vitamin encapsulated yarns work out for the companies that choose to use in their clothing.
    Apparently, the “vitamins” are released when you excerise and the substances are injested transdermally.

    We get sucked into some strange things sometimes, but this might be a Hall of Fame winner. Sounds pretty oily to me as well.

  2. I think we are wanting to get back to the natural realities that make life pleasant and worth living. Like relationships. And leisurely meals. And butter.

  3. mmmm… butter. Yes, let’s start thinking of how to fortify ourselves. There’s nothing so satisfying as the genuine, uncompromised thing. Leisurely meals truly are one of the greatest riches a person can have.

  4. I’ve only experienced oil as a wash when getting a facial. it was truly wonderful & left my skin feeling like a babies–not greasy at all. I think the spa primarily used Aveda products but I can’t remember which particular one I was the guinea pig for.

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