5 things you don’t know about me meme tag

Verbal Croquis has hit me with an internet meme! As if there isn’t enough information about me on the internet, here is more…

  1. As a kid, I created an entire imaginary fantasy planet, complete with continents, languages, rising and falling civilizations, mythologies, and multiple fantasy-genre stories about a pair of mercenaries.
  2. I am a morning person – a lark. It seems like I always get my best work done before noon… and it’s all downhill after that. I compensate by rising early.
  3. As a teenager I wanted to be a fiction writer… I wrote several terrible short stories and even sent them to literary magazines. Thankfully almost all of them were rejected – and the one that was accepted wasn’t printed before the magazine mercifully folded.
  4. I have a ridiculously low tolerance for alcohol. (I drink the neck of the beer and then I am done). The result is I have never really enjoyed bars or clubbing (though I love pub food).
  5. My dream is to build a home and a studio in the country, and to live within modest means.

Now here’s how the game is played – I tag five people – they tell the world five unknown things about themselves – and then tag five more people that they want to know more about… until every single person on the internet has done the freaking thing and it finally dies…

I tag… Hipster Musings, the stitchery, Nadia’s Crafting Adventures, and deeply superficial

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8 thoughts on “5 things you don’t know about me meme tag”

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