Canadian Alphabet


Everyone is sending me this flyer. I guess they know that I probably might have something to say about American designers (NYC gets top billing) using Canada as a legitimate source of inspiration (Canadian designers might do well to take note).

Feral Childe are Alice Wu and Moriah Carleson, two designers from New York City , who are currently in residence at the Drake Hotel. Their collection “Canadian Alphabet,” is inspired by the cultural and vernacular characteristics of Toronto and surrounding environs.

What I am curious about is how literal it will be, either in the sense of employing iconography of Canada, or influenced directly by the neighborhoods in the vicinity of the Drake where these artists resided, or if Canadian alphabet will be more abstract. The poster doesn’t offer me a clue. I could check out their website, but I’d like to be surprised.

That is if I can find my 2nd wind at 9pm. This will keep me up past my bedtime.

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6 thoughts on “Canadian Alphabet”

  1. For some reason this brand seems to be everywhere.I love their fashion photos and they seem to be producing some fantastic garments as well. I even got an e-mail from them today about their fall collection show – wish I was in Canada not silly olde brooklyn.

  2. I am very interested in finding what they use as inspiration. It’s funny I spend all day long finding inspiration in other cultures… it just sorta dawned on me that because of my job, I am never looking for inspiration here. Weird. They definitely have my attention that’s for sure.

  3. Danielle,

    You should contact them and do a piece. It would be awesome to find out what exact characteristics they draw inspiration from and how it is transferred to the apparel.

    “Cultural and vernacular characteristics of Toronto and surrounding environs”. I knew the Oshawa dinner jacket would make a comeback !

    This could be very interesting or very lame. If anyone can get the straight goods and make something useful out of it, it’s you Danielle.

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