hot clicks

Signe Chanel… an awesome French miniseries gives us a glimpse behind the scenes at Chanel Haute Couture… via Fashion Verbatim.

Zamb S/S 07 the fire still burns……. fledgling designer and TFS regular Zamb gives us the story of his struggle through stream of consciousness. Fascinating and immediate. Via The Fashion Spot.

The Commodified… street style from Vancouver – some cute stuff, many with Skytrain station backgrounds.

The uses of customization is another interesting article from footpath zeitgeist, but what lingers for me is the image of the sweatshirt cuffs. Something about that idea gets to me.

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6 thoughts on “hot clicks”

  1. Christy – I find it quite remarkable to have you and other fellow classmates reading this. My post grad experience has not been as exciting as many others. Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s neat to follow your adventures when you blog them too.

    Thoughtful stuff…. heh, sometimes =P I think too much.

  2. ah, it’s alright thinking too much, unless it starts to hurt! haha… yeah, I have been blogging off and on forever. I enjoy coming over here and reading your thoughts. It’s a good read. truly 🙂

  3. Danielle: I, too, am bothered by the image of the cuffs on the sweatshirt. It certainly wouldn’t be something I’d be anxious to leave the house in …

  4. Wendy – I think I know what it is. I used to have a sweater that I got from a TV quiz show I was on as a kid (always a big nerd), and for a long time it was the nicest sweater I owned, even when the cuffs were wearing out. The visceral feeling is a reminder of my life wearing “the wrong clothes”. What does it say when your best sweater is a promotional t-shirt from a small-time local television station?

    The way that the image on Footpath Zeitgeist is filled in is like a scar, and in a way it completes the decay which is satisfying. Though it is uncomfortable, I like the way it rouses odd feelings in me. It still might be too upsetting to actually wear though…

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