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More RSVPs are coming in for Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch… looks like this brunch is going to be twice as big as the last one – at least. Plus, I am hearing from local fashion bloggers I didn’t know about before – what a great way to learn about new feeds to read. Sonja from, Truc from Deeply Superficial and Eden from Bargainista are all coming, in addition to so many other awesome fashion bloggers. If you want to come, RSVP me, and show up at the Drake Hotel at 11:30am on Sunday January 21 2007.

Still want to hang out with Fashion Bloggers but you don’t live in Toronto? Why not start a Fashion Blogger meet up in your city? It’s as easy as picking a time and place, posting it on your blog, collecting a few email addresses of local bloggers and letting them know the details. That’s all I did. If you do start your own Fashion Blogger get-together I’d love to hear about it.

Lately I’ve been listening to The Age of Persuasion with Terry O’Reilly on Saturdays at 4pm on CBC radio one. This show covers the history of advertising in the 20th century and analyzes the techniques that advertisers have developed over the years – both the successful and the unsuccessful. It is an excellent show. I also enjoyed O’Reilly on Advertising which ran back in 2005.

Also I’ve recently discovered This American Life, a storytelling program from Chicago Public Radio. You can download the current episodes for free from iTunes – great for listening to in transit. It has this thoughtful, pointless narrative quality that makes watching the city go by through streetcar windows kind of poignant.

Incoming linker karma to Pretty Eastern – this blog covers the Asian take on fashion which I find fascinating in the way it both mirrors and diverges from Western fashion. It’s so neat to peer in from the outside at a highly developed celebrity-fashion complex that I am not at all familiar with. Reminds me of how much I miss Spirit Fingers.

The turn of the year has brought along some more changes in fashion blogland – some of my favourite fashion blogs are moving on up to wordpressThe Sewing Divas and The Stitchery. Rebecca at The Space Between My Peers has taken it to the next level by getting her own domain –! Congratulations to everyone who made the move, and if you’re a linker to these lovely ladies (and you should be) it’s time to update your template.

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6 thoughts on “slick clickin’”

  1. What a fabulous fabulous idea. I don’t think there are very many fashion bloggers in Cleveland though…I would love to exchange links if you are so inclined.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Elleabelle – it doesn’t have to be a lot of bloggers to be a lot of fun. Sometimes I go out and have coffee with one reader or one blogger, it’s a wonderful way to make new friends and network in your city with other people who are into the same stuff.

  3. Hey, I want to start a fashion blog this coming spring, would this be a good place to come and check out what’s being done in toronto and bounce ideas?

  4. Hi Lee, if you’d like to meet some fashion bloggers and talk about the fashion blogging thing it would be the place to be. RSVP me if you’re coming.

  5. Hi girls (and Adrian),
    I’ll be seeing you Sunday! As always, I’m looking forward to chatting with people with similar interests! And I hope to meet new bloggers too!

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