Toronto Fashion Bloggers represent! Andrew Sardone at NOW puts us where we belong (in the IN section) and even mentions the Brunch. Thanks so much Andrew for the shoutout, though I will point out we pay our own way – the Drake generously gave us complimentary dessert last time. Much love to the Drake for providing perfectly fashionable brunching!


Yes another TFBB is coming up this month – mark down January 21st in your calenders. All local fashion bloggers and readers are welcome to come and hang out – and MSM is welcome to come too =)

Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch

Where: The Drake 1150 Queen Street West

When: January 21 2007 11:30am

Please email your readers, post this on your blog, help spread the word. TFBB is just a chilled out space to indulge in fashion-related discussion with people who are just as into it as you are… so satisfying.

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3 thoughts on “TFBB is IN NOW”

  1. That is too funny. Like the Drake would comp us and any freaking person who walked off the street that night. Oh well, it’s nice to be noticed. They could have given some more shoutouts. Hell, at least you Danielle, you did start the whole thing.

  2. It doesn’t matter if they mention me or not – I’m not a pro blogger so it isn’t like I need links and publicity to live. I’m just happy that TFBB is worth a mention. United we are strong =D

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